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J. Bullock & Associates

Architectural illustration rendered in the mediums of gouache, watercolor, pen and ink, marker and a variety of mixed media techniques. Residential and commercial renderings done to specifications.


Jacey has delved into music design, animation, social documentary photography, websites for new media companies which led full circle to his first love, combining photograph and illustration with digital technology.

Jack Tom

Conceptual/stylized illustrations, information graphics, maps, diagrams, charts, and instructional illustrations.


Jackdaw is a graphic artist and commercial illustrator who originally trained at the Maidstone College of Art in the UK, graduating with a First Class Honours Degree in Graphic Communication. Originally working from a studio in the East end of London and then Oxford, he has created a body of work for a diverse range of clients globally, in both the advertising and editorial worlds. Creating vibrant images that interweave expressionistic painting and mixed media techniques with hand-drawn elements and photography, the energetic and captivating results are often complex, beautiful and edgy reflections of contemporary culture. Previous clients include: Vodafone, Asahi Beer, Saatchi Advertising USA, Philip Morris Inc, Pfizer Pharmaceutical Inc. USA, The Irish Times, The Guardian, Scholastic Publishing USA, Penguin Books, Carphone Warehouse, Cream, and the Welsh Assembly.

Jacoby, Tara

Tara Jacoby is an illustrator and designer working in Brooklyn, New York. While completing the illustration program at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Tara invested her time working in multiple capacities at the Society of Illustrators in New York City. Upon graduating Tara became the lead designer at the Society of Illustrators and began pursuing a freelance career. Her illustration work has recently been recognized by Creative Quarterly: The Journal of Art & Design and the Society of Illustrators.

Jacquart, Veronique

The charming, trendy designs of French illustrator Véronique Jacquart sparkle with flair and a love for detail. In concept stores, on blogs, or at conventions, she finds the right inspiration for her innovative designs, which delight clients across the world with their expressiveness.

Jacquie O'Neill Illustration Ltd

NEW IMAGES JUST ADDED: Fashion & Lifestyle illustrator. Client's include: Warner, Reebok, Penguin, NewsQuest, BBC, Waitrose, Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, ElleGirl, Mattel, Macmillan, Nickelodeon, Pearson Member of the AOI Keep up to date with my latest illustrations via

Jagmin, Chris

Check it out. All new characters coming your way in a brand new web site made especially for you. For adults and for kids. Colorful, fresh images and icons.

Jakobs, Günther

The german illustrator Günther Jakobs presents examples of his work, childrens book fictional and non fictional illustration.

James H. Fedor

Hand lettering artist for over 25 years. Specializing in elegant scripts and italics.

James Provost Infographics & Technical Illustration

Infographics, Science, Technology and Explanatory Illustration

Jamestoons Studios

Searching for a humorous illustrator to add a little character to your next project? This is the place. Strap on your rocket skates, jump into your electro zammer, hang onto that helicopter hat and zoom around the site for a few minutes to see for yourself.

Jane Sanders

Online illustrator's portfolio.

Jansson Rolf

editorial illustrations

Janto, Hrana

Illustration & Illumination. Specializing in Mythology, History, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Animals, Botanical & Nature Studies, Children's Book, Fairy Tales, New Age/Spiritual, Whimsical. Multiple styles include Decorative and Realism Stylized. Media includes Watercolor, Pastel, Brushstroke, Pen and Ink, Graphite, Egg Tempera, Manuscript Illumination, Lettering and Calligraphy. Projects have included work for Television, Bookcovers, Children's Books, Educational Publishing, Black & White Interior Art, Packaging, Magazines, CD art, Logo Design and more. Clients include Alpha Books, Harper Collins, Element, Alvin H. Perlmutter, Studio Goodwin-Sturges, Llewellyn, Chelsea House, Cricket magazine, Click magazine, Pearson, Houghton-Miflin, Bill Smith Studio, Harcourt Brace & Co, Macmillon/McGraw Hill and the Overlook Press

Jason Fruchter, Illustrator and Designer

Reliable, energetic, and resourceful illustration professional with 20 years experience creating fun, vibrant children’s book illustrations and designs for some of the largest publishing companies in the world including: Penguin Random House, Simon and Schuster, Scholastic, Harper Collins, and Oxford University Press. Established long term relationships with top art directors and designers in the industry. Collaborate with well known production studios such as Nickelodeon, Disney Jr., and Marvel to become an official approved illustrator for their licensed properties. Thrive in a work environment that requires taking direction, working within deadlines, and making revisions to ensure the final product is of highest quality and a success in the marketplace.

Jason Gluskin

Jason Gluskin’s artistic style is a reflection of his personality: Colorful, exciting, soulful and always developing. His vantage point has evolved into something a little twisted, vibrant and often quite whimsical. As a displaced Bostonian, thrown into the whirlwind of New York City he is inspired by his surroundings. Jason strives to capture the energy, chaos, anxiety and beauty of NYC into cityscape compositions on canvas. In 2007, Jason started taking photos and filtering the urban scene through his own lens. In 2009 he began displaying and selling his work through various showcases. In the past year Jason has had his debut gallery show, many group events and garnered much press.

Javens, Ben

Ben grew up in a small town in Yorkshire and though he now resides in Birmingham he still holds dear those formative years and his northern roots. Those that know Ben will no doubt tell you he can be a bit of a curmudgeon but that deep down there is a happy soul trying to get out and those that know his work will no doubt see the battle between happy and sad in the characters he draws and the situations they find themselves in. Ben's work is often very simple but always displays a strong emphasis on colour and a carefully considered composition. He takes much of his inspiration from the books he collects about illustrators and designers from the mid 20th century and those of new artists’ that give a nod to past styles and trends. He also fills his working days with music so as to let it seep into his soul and be transformed into something that can be seen.

Jaynes, Bill

Illustration that "dances on the existential abyss with an alternating current of fear and love."

Jed Schwartz Productions

Jed Schwartz Productions is a highly versatile animation and visual effects studio specializing in high end 3D medical animation, illustration, and production.

Jeff Cline Humorous Illustration

Humorous illustration, sight gags, and character design for editorial, advertising, and corporate publications.

Jeff Hurley

This is a dummy description

Jeff Pittarelli

Award-winning science fiction horror and erotic illustrator and artist.

Jeff Szuc Illustration

Stylized, conceptual illustration. Book cover illustration, editorial illustration, children's book illustration, advertising illustration. Clients include: Anick Press, CBC Television, Canadian family Magazine, Canadian Lawyer Magazine, Cossette group, Denver Play Company, DC Books, Exclaim! Magazine,, HOW Magazine, Kids Can Press, Molson Canadian, OPC Register, Profit Magazine, Stinson Brand, Sony Music Canada, Texas Monthly, Vanderbilt Magazine.

Jenkins, Kate

Kate combines an artist’s eye for colour with a witty imagination. Using her background in fashion and talent for design, Kate creates amazing, innovative crocheted pictures – each one an original. Kate’s philosophy is that anything can be created from yarn as long as it is made with love, and over the past few years Kate’s career has seen her create a knitted greasy spoon cafe, a crocheted supermarket, an American Diner and entire fish counter! She continues to work on commissions for public and private collections worldwide.

Jennifer Vaughn Artist Agent

Our agency represents contemporary illustrators incorporating a range of new and traditional styles as varied as the artists themselves. We specialize in the latest commercial illustration for advertising, design, packaging, book publishing, apparel, editorial, stock illustration, and children's books. We also offer animation, including stop motion, claymation and Flash services. We pride ourselves on our 19+ years of experience incultivating excellent relationships with artists and clients worldwide. See the team in action on our blog or on our illustrated cocktail recipe journal. Representing Calef Brown, Chris Buzelli, Livia Cives, Bob Dob, Simeon Elson, Terri Fry Kasuba, Charles Glaubitz, Keith Warren Greiman, Claudine Hellmuth, Tom Jester, Johnny Kotze, Craig La Rotonda, Jen Lobo, Christophe Lopez-Huici, Robin Moline, Steve Moors, Michael Murphy, Joel Nakamura, Mariya Paskovsky, Lucie Rice, Martha Rich, Kim Rosen, Lucio Schiavon, Dave Stevenson, Santiago Uceda, Marco Wagner

Jennifer Williamson

Features a gallery of digital science-fiction and fantasy paintings created by this californian illustrator.

Jensen Brian

Stylised, corporate, annual report, financial, investing, editorial, conceptual

Jensen, Andrea

2023 Indigo Bronze Winner For Freelance Illustration

2022 Indigo Bronze Winner For Freelance Illustration

2021 Indigo Silver Winner For Freelance Illustration

2019 Indigo Honorable Mention Winner For Freelance Illustration

2018 Indigo Gold Award Winner For Freelance Illustration

Working primarily in graphite, I strive to capture the nature of fabrics as well as the mood of my subject. A spark in the eye, a burst of motion, or quiet reflection taking the subject beyond a photograph, rich in texture and feeling. From portraiture to fashion, my work tells a story. The viewer should be curious, hopefully drawn in, to complete it on their own.

I have attended Minneapolis College of Art & Design, classes in digital graphics, University of Minnesota, drawing & painting and have earned an Associate Arts Degree in commercial art from Minneapolis Technical College. My interest in fashion and clothing construction has led to employment as a costumer for Guthrie Theater, Minnesota Dance Theatre, Minnesota Opera and Children’s Theatre Company.

Exhibits of my work have been held in Minneapolis at Geometrie Gallery and The Loring Cafe & Bar and in Venice, California at Sponto Gallery.

I have been represented by Ann Koeffler Artist Representation for the past 15 years. Since she has recently retired I am seeking new representation.


Jens Magnusson spends his days making first-rate, occasionally award winning book covers, creating illustrations for magazines and cutting and pasting fantastic paper collages.

Jeremy Tankard Illustration

Fun, sometimes cute but with an edge. Editorial, advertising, comics, children's books, counter-culture, pop culture, album covers, etc. The drawings have a broad appeal.


Illustrator and Designer, Jib Hunt grew up drawing and creating artwork in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, earning his BFA in graphic design from the Granite State's Plymouth State College. For someone who spent his formative years in the country, it's surprising how easily he adapted to New York City. But not really. At the end of high school and all through college he was a sponsored professional snowboarder and traveled all over the country and Canada, so he was never in one spot. Immediately following college, Jib spent five years working for Burton Snowboards in Burlington, Vermont, which gave him even more travel exposure. When working for Burton he traveled to their European offices and many team rider meetings at ski resorts out west. Hunt relocated to New Jersey to redesign Virgin Mobile's brand before going on his own in New York City. Among his influences, Hunt includes action sports, music, and traveling. He is always trying new things in his work and is constantly pushing his work to the next level. Over the years, Hunt's distinctive style - clean, graphic, and, at times, technical - has evolved to include even more smoothness and detailing. His experience at Burton, as well as his time spent snowboarding, has kept him on the pulse of the youth culture and its style.

Jill Pearson

Mixed media digital collage.

Jill Secord

Elegant and whimsical narrative, conceptual, decorative and design work created with traditional linework and both flat and painterly digital colours.

Jim Gunardson

Stylized illustrations with emphasis on color and emotion.

Jim Nuttle

Online portfolio of illustration for editorial, advertising, and publishing clients nationwide.


airbrush art,art deco,figures,wpa art,industral,

JJ Hudak


Joanie Bernstein Art Rep

Having been both an art producer and an art rep, Joanie brings a special perspective to the business of illustration. The diversity of talents she represents guarantees a good answer to your illustration needs - advertising, editorial, design, publishing or corporate. Looking for old world, tea stained, folk art, vibrant 60s pop art, watercolor, line doodles, printmaking, realism, a blend of traditional & digital? The work of her artists will develop the style you want, are strong in concept & understand deadlines. Joanie has sat on both sides of the desk. An art rep & art buyer. The artists she reps are unique in style & strong in concept. Clients include: Hershey's, Kate Spade, TBWA Chiat Day, NPR, Audi, Victoria Secret, Vanity Fair, Pentagram Design, Estee Lauder, GSDM, Sony, Time, Stella Artois, United Airlines, Target, Nickelodeon Magazine, Nordstroms, Domino, Verve, Fallon, Harvard Business Review. Representing: Elvis Swift, Stan Fellows, Jack Molloy, Jason Greenberg, WACSO, John Kleber, Marian Richardson, Jacob Thomas.

Joe Saputo Technical Illustration

The national choice for technical illustration - Specializing in: digital, vector, traditional pencil line illustration, cutaway illustration, see-thru, internet and web media illustration .Serving the advertising, design and commercial industries with illustration for ads, brochures, catalogs, packaging and all marketing applications.

John Brewster Creative Services

Marty Baumann, Doron Ben Ami, Lane duPont, Roger Chandler, Ken Gamage, Glenn Gustafson, Steve Harrington, Seth Larson, Shayne Letain, Alan Neider, Jack Pennington, Chris Peterson, Jon & Georgina Rosenbaum, Robert Shields, James Silvani, Suzanne Simmons, Sharif Tarabay

John F. Scott

Illustrator in Austin, Texas.

john hersey

slightly nutty

John Nez Online Portfolio

Online portfolio of the more than 60 children's books illustrated by John Nez. Artwork for children's publishing in traditional and digital mediums.

John Rudzinski

Cartoons and illustrations.

John Shelley Illustration

International British illustrator based in Japan. Portfolio ranges from corporate advertising to internationally released children's books and character merchandising.

John Singer

Illustrative paintings to accompany editorial material and books.

John Solie

Popular illustrator whose work appears on movie posters, magazine covers and other media.

Johnson, Brian

Specializing in entertainment related renderings, illustrations and concept designs.

Johnson, Colin

collage and painterly oriented conceptual/editorial illustration

Johnson, Daniel

Daniel Johnson is a digital artist with a BFA in Illustration and a background in traditional media. Now a freelance illustrator and visual effects artist, he worked for years as an Art Director, Illustrator, and Animator at an ad agency in Sonoma County, CA. Dan is an Adobe Certified Expert and has taught computer graphics at various locations in California, including the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. As a digital artist, he is largely self-taught and enjoys sharing his experience gained through years of trial and error. He won the Guru award in Illustration at the 2007 PhotoshopWorld and was also the spotlighted designer in the May/June 2008 issue of Layers magazine.

Johnson, Iskra

Lettering Design,Calligraphic illustration, handwriting, icons and hand lettering for packaging, book and film titling and corporate identity. Fine Art and experimental text

Johnson, Jeff

Hybrid Medical Animation company

Johnson, Kim

Kim Johnson studied at the Corcoran School of Art before beginning a career as a graphic designer. After designing one corporate brochure too many, she thought it would be more fun to be an animator, which was indeed the case. She subsequently moved on to designing and directing animation for television commercials and program openings, such as "The Nanny" and "The Rosy O'Donnell Show". This was even more fun than animating had been, as she was now able to boss around numerous talented persons. She currently lives in suburban Connecticut, with her family, including two daughters who boss her around mercilessly. Poetic justice? Perhaps. Her illustrative style today reflects her roots in animation, and includes her own animated work..

Johnson, Lonni Sue

If you're looking for an conceptual watercolor to energize your message, please visit my web site to see more possibilities for business, healthcare, aviation, music and more. Illustrations have appeared in the New Yorker, the New York Times, The Atlantic, Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, Boston Globe, and for MoMA, IBM, Scholastic, Coca-Cola, Herman Miller, Takashimaya, Harper-Collins, Brown Publishing Network, McGraw-Hill, Time-Life Books, Squibb, Compaq, Dell and many more. Work has been recognized by The Society of Illustrators, Graphis, Communication Arts, and more.

Johnson, Lori

Whimsical illustration with a bold and expressive style. Lori Johnson's list of clients has included: Western Wisconsin Urological Body Design Health Spa Ultratube Northwestern National Life Northwest International Rowing Association National Car Rental Corporation Catholic Digest Ross Sportswear Mark Henri Inc. Checkers Chicken Land-O-Lakes Cenex Redgroup Product Development

Johnson, Penny

Illustrator specialising in cute and quirky characters. Experienced greeting card designer.

Johnston, Trevor

Digital illustration and infographics. Clients include: Newsweek, Forbes, Maxim, Popular Science, Men's Health, Consumer Reports, Sunset, This Old House and many more.

Joly, Dave

Whimsical digital illustration and Flash animation for editorial, corporate and advertising clients. Corporate training and web/CDRom projects a specialty.

Jonathan Burton

3D illustration. Eclectic use of hand crafted models, collage, photography and anything he can get my hands on. Also beautifully simle line drawings.

Jones, Doug

Humorous illustration for children, youth, and adult publications. Children's books, editorial illustration, games, puzzles, web images... you name it - I cab do it! Digital art delivered on time. Period. I have been told often that I am "a pleasure to work with" I would be happy to work with you on your next project, give me a call or email. Thanks!

Jones, Douglas B.

Stylish gouache paintings, with a retro/timeless feel...

Jones, Larry

Conceptual, editorial, graphic illustration. This is one of many styles that Larry works in. Please check out his personal website for much more.


Malcolm Jones was born in Manchester, England, in 1954. Malcolm is a professional, award winning illustrator with a diverse range of skills and experience who has worked freelance in the graphic arts for more than thirty years. Malcolm is a print maker, teacher, and most recently, consultant to some of Canada’s largest high technology companies. Malcolm develops specialized imagery for corporations, including; company and product identities (branding), communications and marketing materials (technical publications, promotions), and the R+D cycle (graphics and conceptualization). Malcolm also provides illustrations in both traditional and digital media for use in consumer and trade magazines, museum displays, text books, posters, and other mediums of use, specializing in large and/or complex requirements. Malcolm Jones graduated from the Ontario College of Art, Toronto, in 1987. He is a member of the Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communications (CAPIC) where he currently holds the position of Toronto Chapter V.P. Programming - illustration.

Jordan, Federico

Illustrator for editorial and advertising assignments.

Jorge Gutierrez, Super Macho

Illustration & Animation Design by Jorge R. Gutierrez. Clients include Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, WEA, Disney and Film Roman.

Jorgensen, Collin C.

Illustrator portfolio, oriented to hip-hop, Gen-X, ravers style.

Jost, Larry

Ironic and conceptual humor, stylized realism. For editorial, advertising, packaging and the web. Recent clients include Cranium, Morton Salt, Jose Cuervo Tequila and Horizon Airlines.

Jovellanos, Arielle

It’s impossible not to love the comic book style of Arielle Jovellanos. Fresh and light in tone, it’s set to take the graphic novel aesthetic into all sorts of new areas and Arielle is clearly an artist with a passion for visual storytelling.

Her big breakthrough came with her 2015 high school romance School Spirit – 60 pages of high quality artwork. The publication received an Eisner nomination, which is the pinnacle in the world of comics. Today the artist is working with a range of top names in publishing, and looking for new people to collaborate with bringing stories to life.

A Filipina-American, Arielle grew up watching Disney movies and drawing her own variations on Sailor Moon in the margins of her schoolbooks. Today, she loves musical theatre, collects playbills, and her biggest influences are the manga artist Rumiko Takahashi, the book Howl’s Moving Castle, and Studio Ghibli’s movie Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Arielle graduated from Parsons The New School for Design with a dual degree in Illustration and Fiction writing in 2014.

Most of Arielle’s work is entirely digital – she sketches, draws the lines and colours her images on her Cintiq tablet. Pinks, blues and purples form her main palette.

Everything is a character’ is a piece of advice that guides Arielle’s comic art style. It means she focuses on creating tiny narratives within each image, using body language, facial expression, clothing and background detail. This builds personality in her work and makes people viewing it wonder what will happen next.

Client List Audible Little Brown & Company Oni Press Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center IDW Publishing B**** Media National Inventors Hall of Fame

Joven, John

John grew up in Bogotá, Colombia and studied graphic design at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He still lives there with his wife Ana and 2 children, Avril and Ian. He is fortunate enough to work in his home studio, where he is able to share his passion of drawing and painting with his children while working on projects. He started drawing at an early age and when he was six year old, his parents enrolled him in his first painting, sculpture, and character design class. He remembers his first attempt at illustration drawing Transformers and "Condorito" (a comic character based on anthropomorphic condor from a Chilean cartoonist). He was hooked. John continued to study art with plastic artists. When not illustrating, he enjoys spending quality time with his children, playing soccer with his friends, watching movies and traveling. He has recently visited Argentina, Cuba, and Peru.

Joyce Patti

Joyce Patti Illustration. Decorative and Fantasy art. Acrylic illustrations of beautiful fairies, elegant ladies, Star Wars paper dolls and fanciful unicorns.

Joyner, Eric

Realistic & fantasy oil paintings of landscapes, robots, people, & toys. Sometimes wacky.

Judi Oyama

I work mostly in the action sports field running a small one person design business. Skateboarding since 1973 keeping a pulse on the industry. President of Board a 501(c)(3) non-profit we partner with the skateboard industry to supply skateboards and safety equipment to organizations that work with children, targeting low-income and at risk youth.

julia binfield

naive style, sophisticated content, life, still life, things, bowls, cups, teapots, plants, flowers, gardens, cooking, food, architecture, buildings, maps, italy,

Julian, David

With 27 years experience as a designer, photographer and illustrator, David Julian creates Fresh,conceptually strong, well designed digital illustration using Photoshop to produce his own mix of imaginative photo-realism. His work incorporates painterly texture, iconic elements and dramatic realistic dimensional lighting. Prompt client communicatons, flexibility and efficiency are assured. Topics in his work include technology, psychology and mystery book covers, movie and event posters, education & schools, health care, science, medicine, industrial, investing, history, fashion, children, editorial, architectural, computers, corporate, environmental, pharmaceutical advertising, entertainment and music, environmental, travel, politics, portraits, and social culture. CLIENTS INCLUDE: HBO, Discovery Channel, Cisco, IBM, CBS, Sony Entertainment, Microsoft, LA, CHI & NY Times, Oracle, TimeWarner, George Lucas, Penguin, Harvard Press, Pearson, ZiffDavis, and countless periodicals CDs and books. Awards in PRINT, One Show, Creativity and SND annuals.

Jupiter Project

Jupiter Project is a collective of professional illustrators based in Vancouver. Artists include Mark "Atomos" Pilon, Mia Hansen, Rod Filbrandt, Doug Fraser, Lori Joy Smith, Bonni Reid, and Luc Latulippe. Our styles span the gamut: digital, painted (gouache, acrylic, watercolor), modern, retro, etc.. Editorial, Fashion, Storyboards, Book Covers, Advertising, and Comics.

Justin DeGarmo

Selected clients:
Billboard Magazine • EA Mobile • Chase Design Group • Listen Magazine • Naked Eye Magazine • Nickelodeon • Northeastern University Magazine • Philadelphia Weekly • The Phoenix New Times • The Progressive • Random House • Riverfront Times • Seattle Weekly • The Stranger

Featured in:
American Illustration (website ) • CMYK Magazine • Illustration West • ISM Quarterly • Ringling School of Art & Design catalogue

Justitz Nicole, nilludesign

Illustrations for Children’s, toddler’s and baby’s market! All illustrations are vector based and suitable for products of any kind. My characters are often used for pacifiers and baby bottles. Funny, cute and adorable characters. Please feel free to contact me, for my current portfolio. Greets from Switzerland, Nicole.