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Levy Creative Management popular

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  • contact: Sari Schorr
  • phone: 212-687-6463
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  • LCM represents the following artists: Mike Byers, Robin Eley, Brian Hubble, Rory Kurtz, Christopher Nielsen, Laura Osorno, Trip Park, Kyung Soon Park, Jason Seiler, Koren Shadmi, Jason Tharp & Andrea Wicklund. Levy Creative Management is an artists agency that represents fine artists and commercial artists & illustrators. LCM represents national and international award winning artists who have exhibited and presented their work in motion pictures, galleries and in print worldwide. LCM represents artists who work in all facets of both the fine and commercial art world and have artists who create artwork for such industries ranging from movie sets & props, movie/theatre & entertainment posters & promotions, editorial, publishing, record companies, childrens books, advertising, corporate & design, and more. The styles represented in LCMs group range from photo realistic oil paint to abstract painting, graphic & retro art, silkscreen & printmaking, 3-D digital art & 3-D illustration, collage, caricature design and more...
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