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Ebersol, Rob

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  • I have over 20 years experience creating illustrations for a variety of clients. My clients utilize my art for all their project needs regardless of style or application. Visit my site for examples that demonstrate my flexibility to meet the specific demands set forth in each project. Some of the art I've created: - Portraits - Informational Graphics - Instructions & Manuals - Brochure Feature Art - Architectural Renderings - Whimsical Art - Food & Beverage Biography I took a job as a staff artist for the Miami Herald after graduating from RISD with a BFA in Illustration. I worked at the Providence Journal and Sarasota Herald Tribune where I was a regular contributor of informational graphics to the NYT Graphics Network. Working as staff artist demanded that I produce art in a variety of styles and on a daily basis- an excellent training regimen for my next position as a staff designer and artist for an Atlanta design firm and ultimately self employment as a freelance illustrator and designer.
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