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Eason, Rohan

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  • London based Illustrator Rohan Eason works predominantly in pen and ink. He is best known for his stark black and white imagery, which plays heavily on the roles of composition and view point, and the balance between intricate detail and dark or light space. His work has become widely used in book illustration and more recently in advertising, where his uniquely hand crafted style stands apart from the more typically used digital art forms.

    Although art has run very clearly through his family and his childhood, it was only after leaving university and a painting degree that he decided to pursue illustration as his preferred discipline. Rohan loved the work of Aubrey Beardsley and Arthur Rackham as a boy, and this devotion to and pursuit of the beautifully hand drawn line followed him into adulthood. His portfolio now bursts with the magical and fantastical scenes from dreams to nightmares, from real life to imagined creations, but all with the same single grounding fact, that of beauty and balance.
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