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Lindley, Eric--Partners Illustration

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  • contact: Eric Lindley
  • phone: 812-597-0063
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  • My work is best described as realistic imagery utilizing 3D and 2D technology to create modeled environments rich in detail and texture. I have been fortunate for the past 20 years to work in a profession which allows me to express my vision. Working with talented creatives in both corporate and editorial environments helps keep my work fresh and evolving to meet the demands of an ever changing global market. My experiences over the years have been in art direction, airbrush illustration, photography and computer graphics. Each experience affording me insight into the needs of today's creative directors. My greatest asset to your team is my ability to conceptualize and resolve elements within a project in a professional and collaborative manner. It is my profession to solve problems. It is my passion to create........Digital,Digital 3D, collage, Realism, photo-illustration, multiple styles.
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