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Wang, Suling

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  • Suling enjoys making art that creates a mood or tells a story. She especially enjoys playing with color and creating interesting and unique color palettes. She uses the computer as a painting tool to create digital art that doesn't look digital as she generally doesn't use many effects and sticks primarily to the paintbrush and eraser tools. Her influences include: Botticelli, Van Der Weyden and Diego Rivera. Her favorite subjects include: women, children, family, relationship issues, people, editorial, nature, beauty, flowers, plants, whimsy, whimsical characters, fantasy, psychology, health, drama, book covers, music, dance. Suling Wang has been featured in Step-by-Step Electronic Design 2000, The Visual Quickstart Guide to Photoshop, Macromedia People's Choice Award Finalist 1997, San Francisco Society of Illustrators Show 1997 , San Francisco Society of Illustrators Show 1995.
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