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Aspinall, Neal popular

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  • contact: Neal Aspinall
  • phone: 262.203.5581
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  • Neal Aspinall does illustration, logos, vintage luggage stickers, travel posters, typography, and is a big plus in the coneptual department.
    Neal does retro, type, logos, posters, icons, illustration, vintage luggage stickers, poster stamps & classic fruit crate labels. He also does a lot of sports & corporate conceptual images. Clients include Nordstrom,, Infoworld, Macy's, Harley Davidson, Dell, & Southwest Airlines. His work has appeared in CA, Society of Illustrators, PRINT, & GRAPHIS. Contact him today to get an estimate on a custom job, stock image, logo design, or purchase a print.
    He works in Adobe Illustrator and images are emailed in a matter of seconds, & quality is maintained at any size.
    He was recently inducted into the Art Institute of Colorado's Hall of Fame.
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