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Link Submission Rules (please read before submitting a link):

By submitting a link to Folioplanet, you must agree to be bound by the following rules for listing:

  • Sites must contain at least TEN examples of commissioned freelance illustration and an extensive client list
  • Folioplanet lists only full time freelance illustration sites (you must derive 75% or more income from illustration and provide a valid email address). Part-time illustrators, full time employees of studios, graphic or web designers will not be listed.
  • We allow one listing per domain name (*
  • Sub-domain listings ( will not be accepted without a Featured Thumbnail or Portfolio subscription
  • Representatives may purchase sub-domain listings for their artists by purchasing a Featured Thumbnail upgrade for each listing
  • Sites that will NOT be accepted include: Graphic Design, Fine Art, Personal Art, Sketchbooks, and Student work.
  • No Clip Art or Royalty Free sites.
  • Sites must be fully functioning with no pop-up ads, broken links and not be 'under construction'
  • Folioplanet reserves the right to reject links for any reason at it's sole discretion, including subject matter that may be deemed objectionable or offensive.