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L.H.Barker provides fine hand painted and digital illustration, specializing in interpretive architectural and historical paintings for architects, engineers, non-profits, marketing/advertising firms, museums and exhibit facilities and real estate developers, is a member of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI) and has focused on individual client service, high quality and fine craftsmanship since 1974. Award of Excellence, Architecture in Perspective 17 (AIP 17), American Society of Architectural Illustrators. On line portfolio includes a special interpretive historical illustration section. In 2005-2006, a suite of six illustrations, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, was completed for Historic St. Mary's City, MD. A suite of two illustrations were done for George Washington's Boyhood home, Ferry Farm and received extensive press coverage including National Geographic Society, The Smithsonian Institution and their monthly magazine, nightly network news, USAtoday and the New York Times. A suite of 26 digitally painted illustrations was completed for the St. John's Site Museum, MD 2007-2009. A total of 34 historical interpretive paintings have been completed for Historic St. Mary's City, MD since 1997. A suite of two illustrations was in 2008 done for George Washington's Boyhood home, Ferry Farm and received extensive press coverage including National Geographic Society, The Smithsonian Institution and their monthly magazine, nightly network news, USAtoday and the New York Times. Recently completed is a 17 month interpretive historical suite of three original artworks/paintings for the Maryland State Highway Administration, cultural resources division. The scenes depict events & people in Bladensburg in 1780, 1787 & 1814 (War of 1812). New touch/click interactive 2015 portfolio slideshow @ Keywords: architectural illustration, rendering, illustrations, renditions, interpretive historical paintings, museum exhibits, architectural delineation, hand painted, digital, interpretive paintings, architectural drawings, on-line illustrator portfolios, visual imagery, Rendering, Illustrations, renderers, airbrush, perspectives, architectural delineation, drawings, gouache, landscape, narrative, L.H.Barker, creative, Les Barker, cultural resources, educational paintings, creative presentations

LaBaff, Tom

Watercolor and/or Gouache, B/W Line and/or Pen & Ink, Characters, People, Figures, Fantasy, Animation, Book Covers, Animals, Nature, Humorous

Labrooy, Chris

After graduating from the RCA with an MA in design products, Chris Labrooy first began to use 3D as a simple tool to visualise ideas for furniture and products that he could not afford to produce. As 3D technology and hardware evolved, Chris LaBrooy saw an opportunity to explore CGI as a creative medium in itself with which he could subvert and twist familiar everyday things into new typographic and sculptural forms. Chris LaBrooy is interested in the intersection between typography, architecture, product design and visual art. Chris LaBrooy has exhibited at the design museum in London and has been featured in many publications covering design, products, typography and illustration. Clients include NY Department of transportation, Future publishing, Scientific American, Avid brakes, Taste festivals and Microsoft.



Lacey, Joe

Joe Lacey produces art for clients including Mattel, Fisher-Price, Crayola and PEZ. His work has appeared on packaging, books, magazines and ad campaigns in America and Europe. His sci-fi art is included in Spectrum books as examples of "The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art." He's won awards from The Society of Illustrators and The Art Directors Club of Philadelphia.

Lacey, Joe

Joe Lacey produces art for clients including Mattel, Fisher-Price, Crayola, Welch's, Miller Lite, Frigo, Goodyear and PEZ. He has created package art for games, foods and restaurants as well as logo rendering and design. He also creates highly detailed renderings of food, products and more. His work has appeared on packaging, books, magazines and ad campaigns in America and Europe.

Lacey, Joe

Colorful robots, kids, logo art and fun stuff for toys, video games, packaging & advertising. Joe produces animated pixel art and assets for home video games and hand held devises. Joe also writes and illustrates kids menus/activity books for restaurants. Artwork is produced digitally.

Lacey, Nicole

I'm Nikki Lacey, a freelance illustrator and fine artist based in Philadelphia. I work in a slew of different mediums-- pencil to digital, watercolor to fibers-- and am always on the lookout for new ones to work with. I'm self-taught , save a very enjoyable, albeit short stint at The University of the Arts, wherein I decided to leave and take a stab at relying on my own initiative, experiences, and hard work. Outside of the arts, I'm a runner and a low-budget traveler, a music enthusiast and a language nerd. I'm often found in my backyard with a glass of wine, talking to whoever will listen about antiquated philosophies and my cat.

Lackow, Andy

3D Digital illustration for advertising, editorial, corporate, entertainment, Internet. Imagined and realistic cityscapes, futuristism, sci-fi, architectural, industrial products and cutaways, logos and illustrative type treatments, product rendering and prototyping – all modeled and rendered in Digital 3D. Call for price quote on your next project and please visit to see entire digital portfolio.

LaCoste, Gary

Gary started his illustration career in 1998 working primarily with licensed characters for the toy and game industry. Clients included Hasbro, Nickelodeon, and Lego. About six years ago his focus shifted to include children's publishing where he promotes his own illustration style. Gary has enjoyed illustrating over 25 titles (and counting...)

Ladas, George

Scientific and technical illustration for advertising, publishing, film and video production.

Laertis Art Studios

Conceptual art and illustration communicating graphic solutions for print, design and digital media applications specializing in editorial, book, institutional, advertising and corporate clients and markets.

Laird, Campbell

Awards: American Illustration, Society of Publication Designers Annual, HOW International Design Annual

Laish, James

ILLUSTRATED MAPS, HAND LETTERING, ICON ILLUSTRATION. James is a designer / illustrator who specializes in map illustration and hand lettering. Since graduation from the Ontario College of Art & Design he has worked with hundreds of publications, design firms, ad agencies and corporate clients who appreciate his innovative solutions and artistic flair. His evocative line work and watercolour painting skills set him apart from the competition and make each project a work of art. Whether working in traditional or digital media, James delivers all of his projects electronically and works with clients around the globe. Contact James directly regarding new commissions or stock sales.

Lakkis, Chad

Highly stylized and humorous illustrations; specializing in graphic design, character design and development.

Laksman, Martin

Martin Laksman is an illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Graduated from the University of Buenos Aires as graphic designer, where he now teachs illustration. For over a decade, he's been working as both illustrator and graphic designer for the local market and abroad for a wide range of clients, that includes Popular Mechanics, Wired, Car & Driver, Fast Co., Fox, Disney, ESPN, Shado, Gawker Media, etc. Influenced in popular culture: music, movies, art and series fuels his every day work with a strong passion for simplicity.

Lance Lekander

Humorous illustrations.

Lande, Benjamin

Poster Art, Editorial Illustration, CD layouts and T-shirt Designs

langton, conor

Living in New York. Recently featured in Mark Murphy's "Heaven and Hell" book, has received awards from Communication Arts '02 and the chosen category of American Illustration 22


Watercolor,painting,digital and mixmedia are use for books and television illustrations. Fantasy, humor, realistic, narrative or schorlaship, the guideline is CHILDREN intelligence.



Lara Carlos

Carlos Lara, digital illustrator from Mexico City, main mediums are adobe illustrator, Photoshop, ink and brush, clients are Spin magazine, Rolling Stone, Glamour and much more

Lardy, Philippe

Clients include Time magazine, Bluenote records, Penguin Books. All images are available as museum quality prints, limited run of 20, signed. Award winning illustrations. Conceptual with an emphasis on the spiritual and whimsical. New images.

Larkum, Adam

It’s a love of drawing that drives Adam Larkum, and it’s something he practices every day, constantly coming up with quirky new characters and putting them in hair-raising situations. And if you chat with Adam for a while he has a few real life hair-raising situations to recount. While he was a teenager, his family lived in Alexandria, Virginia for a while where Adam became the projectionist in the town’s cinema. When the bulb blew during the scariest part of Friday The 13th the crowd poured out of the cinema like a lynch mob…

This didn’t deter Adam from studying animation once he got back to the UK, and as a student he won a competition to create a short film for MOMI and Channel 4. Once his career producing animated commercials was under way, he became an illustrator as well. He’s now created over 30 children’s books, and illustrates for magazines and packaging.

Adam studied illustration and animation, and received a BA followed by an MA from the Edinburgh College of Art.

Adam believes every commission should start with a pencil in one hand and an eraser in the other, and is never afraid to erase whole areas of a drawing if they aren’t right. He loves working in ink on paper and then shifting into Photoshop to bring the piece together. If his work were a film, he says, it would be an Ealing Comedy – fun, fast and eccentric.

Client List Taylor’s Port BBC Island Bakery Green King Faber and Faber Puffin Books Usborne Channel 4 Cambridge University press Oxford University press Egmont Publishing Ziggurat Brands The V&A Museum Ask magazine Ink Robin

Larry Ross

A collection of humorous illustrations done in a whimsical pen and ink with watercolor style about people, families, children, animals, business, sports, the universe and more.

Larsen, Eric

TO SEE THE COMPLETE IMAGES---HIT ERIC'S HOMEPAGE URL (above). That said, Eric Larsen has been a working, multiple-style illustrator since the year John Lennon was shot. That's a long time. He's worked for a lot of really good people for a really long time too. Clients include: DDB Chicago, CMD Agency, Daimler-Western Star Trucks, The Amelie Company, Colorado DOT, Three Communications Chicago, The Great Society, Cengage, Pearson Learning, This Old House, California Magazine, AAA Traveler Magazine, Westways Magazine, Scholastic, J.Walter Thompson, Hachette Books, Guideposts Magazine and many more. Please hit his website link to see more of his stuff. We really hope you don't hate it you've got so many choices. Keywords: automotive, truck, car, industry, industrial, retro,digital, pencil, airbrush, digital, vector, multiple_style,texture, engines, train, travel, tourism, feminine, masculine, machine, character development, cartoon, comic, medical, hospital, science, food, product, line _over_color, editorial, realism, stylized, style-match, food, beverage,tee_shirt, business, corporate, financial, graphic, postcard, scenic, hand_lettering

Larsen, Tiffany

High-energy and sophisticated pop illustrations and icons. Specializing in portraits, entertainment and media Tiffany's work jumps off the page with bold colors and clean lines.

Larson, Valery

a presentation of both whimsical and realistic. Animals and children are constant favorites. Traditional mediums such as watercolor, pen and ink and color pencil are enhanced with the help of the computer, but the technical will never overshadow the feeling of hand to paper and the joyful imperfections represented there.

Latta, Bill

A professional freelance illustrator with thirty years of experience, I specialize in editorial and technical illustrations, historical reconstructions, and maps. My online portfolio is at Just click the Web Link above. And, for stock images, visit my new stock images site, Bill Latta—LattaSTOCK ( It features thousands of stunning, new digital photos—especially made for stock—as well as a my vast collection of published illustrations—readily available for your project. Check it out!


Illustration & Design

Laughing Redhead Studio, Inc.

Humorous and POP Art illustrations, fine art, decorative, collages, cartoons, and comedy writing of and for women, for Books, Graphic Novels, Greeting Cards and Social Expression Industry products.

Laughing Stock

Thousands of premier stock illustrations from your favorite award-winning illustrators. Online pricing and ordering; free research; original assignments.

Laura Ralli

Laura Ralli is an italian artist, a sculptor, a storyboard artist, a character designer, an illustrator of books for children and young. She combines traditional and digital techniques.

Laura Zarrin

Traditional & digital illustration and design in vivid color for children's books, puzzles and educational products.

Laurent Blachier

Famous people in a cut-out style, caricatures, collages, photomontages, illustrations concept....

Laurien, Leslie

Your medical illustrations should be unique. Professional medical illustrator specializing in medical devices, web illustration, logo artwork, and anatomical illustration.

Lawson, Rob

Color Medium= Oil painting; Black & White Medium= Graphite. Realistic,Painterly,People, Children's Books,Editorial, Advertising,Institutional, Publishing,Covers,Animals & Nature,Retro,Landscapes,Architechtural,Historical,Textbooks. Clients include; McGraw-Hill,Chicago Sun Times,CNA Insurance, Scott Foresman, Smithsonian,Domino Pizza,Farmers Almanac,Girl Scouts,Heinz,IBM,Jim Beam,Kellogg Company,Mattle,McDonalds,US Marine Corps,Volvo,Harcourt-Brace...many more.

Lawson, Todd

Unique and Intelligent Illustration and Comic Mod Pop Artwork for Editorial, Advertising, Design, Corporate, Publishing and Private Collections since 2000. Partial Clientele List: Fortune Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Westchester, Pohly & Partners, EnRoute: Air Canada Inflight Magazine, Elm Street, Global Custodian, Plansponsor , AIDS Committee of Toronto, Toronto Jewish Film Festival. and

Lazareva, Anna

Anna Lazareva has wanted to be an illustrator since she was a little girl. She started to study drawing when she was 4. Anna graduated from the University in 2007 where she majored in journalism and the history of art. Her thesis project was about the relationship between editorial illustrations and the articles they are created for. She has attended summer courses at School of Visual Arts and Parsons New School for Design. Anna's source of inspirations are: fashion blogs, vintage photos and her travels around the world. Now she works at her little studio in Moscow, and she would love to work with you.

Laznicka Matthew

A graduate of The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 1991 with a BFA in Illustration Love the work of Brom, Charles Santore, Gary Baseman etc.... I have illustrated Science fiction book covers, editorials, Childrens books and more. I love doing portraits. CALL for a Quote!

Leake, Matthew

Matthew Leake Illustration: Scratchboard and mixed media illustrations

LeBarre, Erika

Erika LeBarre has always been exposed to art one way or another as she grew up. Her father worked as a car designer for the big three, and her mother was a ceramicist. Erika’s parents always encouraged her creative side. Drawing was her favorite thing to do. Erika graduated from the College for Creative studies with a BFA in illustration. Initially she worked at an art studio with other illustrators and designers for several years. Since then she has worked on her own for a wide variety of clients and projects such as product/packaging labels, posters, point of purchase, signage, direct mail, magazine ads, editorial, greeting cards, grade school textbooks, eBooks, websites, textiles, logos and even character development. Erika’s working techniques are both traditional and digital including pastels, acrylics, Photoshop, and vector-based illustrations using Illustrator. She creates illustrations using textures, smooth gradations, and rich color that can create a look that is anywhere from stylized, whimsical, editorial, conceptual and graphic line/flat color to somewhat realistic with a twist of fantasy.

Lee Illustration

Digital paintings illustration conceptual and or humorous

Lee Matt

Matt's work has exhibited across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, including the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Mall Galleries in London. His work has been published by Gestalten, The Guardian, The Independent, FT and Creative Review. Originally from the UK, Matt spent ten years in Bangalore, India where he held a faculty position at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology. He has also been an associate lecturer on the postgraduate Visual Arts: Digital Arts course at Camberwell College of Arts. He has a passion for Indian matchboxes, surf music and hand block printed shirts. Illustration clients include: Afar Media | Atelier Works | Bacardi NH7 Weekender | BBC | British Airways | Caspian Media | Cedar Communications | Centaur Publishing | Computer Arts | Craik Jones | Creative Review | Dont Panic Media | Duncan Baird Publishers | Goldfish | Lowe Worldwide | FT | HSBC | Mongrel | MTV | Orange | Ocean Media | Paperwhite Studio | Reed Business Information | Rubber Studios | Shots Magazine | TES | The AOI | The Guardian | The Independent | The Times | Time Out | Unanimous

Lee Woodgate - Illustrator

Illustration for Editorial, Advertising and Design

Lee, Chuck

Anime Style Illustration & 3D models

Lee, Monica

hip,cool,fashion,modern, women,teens,tweens,lifestyle, glamour, beauty,gourmet,food,wine,pattern,collage,watercolor Clients include:Hyperion,Gotham Magazine,Harry N.Abrams, La teen Magazine,hearts, highlights, American Girl

Lee, Steward

Storyboard Artist/Animator, includes storyboarding on "Jackie Chan Adventures" animated TV series, "The Batman", & currently, storyboarding on "Clone Wars", an all CG animated series. Animation Directed a couple of shorts for Cartoon Network & many various TV ads.

Leech, Kent

Kent has been embracing the art of super-realistic, technical and 3D illustration for over 15 years; primarily in automotive, mechanical, medical and product fields. The ability to convey the concept and function of today's technological advances in a creatively explicit and concise manner is the focus of Kent Leech Illustration. Specialties: -Visualize complex operations and products into creative clean forms. -Highly adept with various imaging and modeling applications. -Communicate client's concepts into mass market visual appeal. Clients include: Adidas, Lexus, Time, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Philips, Road and Track, Clorox, Chevron, Suomy and the Smithsonian. Please visit my website ( for examples of my work. Thank you!

Legendre, Yann

Yann is an internationally recognized illustrator, designer and art director, whose imagery has appeared in print around the world both for advertising and in the world of fine art.

Lehman, Mike

Illustration : Animation : Design

Leister, Bryan

Conceptual illustrations that combine the use of flat graphic shapes and 3-D elements. Specializing in e-business, e-commerce, technology and digital artwork. ( aka Brian Liester, Liester )

Lem Decor

With Lem Décor artworks wishes to introduce to you the fine beauty of sculptural art. Marks, Candle-Stand, Lemps, Wood, Paintings. Lem Décor hopes to bring some “simple beauty” to your splendid, modern, and well-taken-care-of living space of contemporary architecture.

Lemay, Violet

As a girl in the happy land of St. Louis, Missouri, Violet Lemay was always drawing and making things with her hands. When she grew up, she became a costume and set designer and moved to New York City, which was a lot of fun. Even though she loved her work and living in NYC, Violet realized that her true dream was to illustrate books for children. She moved south to attend a school for illustrators. Since then, Violet has illustrated eighteen books for children (including Isabella's Shoe Studio, which she also wrote), with more on the way—mostly for duopress, her favorite publisher, for whom she also acts as art director.
Violet and her husband Fred have a 12-year-old son, Gray, who is a junior artist/architect/city planner, and is the joy of their lives. They all live together in a cozy little brick house in upstate New York, surrounded by mountains and dairy farms—and is only a short train-ride away from NYC. If she's not in her studio painting, Violet is probably out walking Chip, who is a rat terrier, and is her constant companion.

Lemonade Illustration Agency

Lemonade represents some of the leading talent working in the industry today. The agency also has specialised divisions in Children's book illustration, Motion and Storyboards. Please visit the website for a regular update of what exciting work our illustrators are producing. Lemonade is no ordinary illustration representative. We are proud to represent some of today's leading Illustrators, CGi artists, animators and concept designers. Please see our website for a comprehensive look at our agency...

Lengele Ray, Carayboo illustration

Digital PressBook of Ray Lengele / Carayboo design inc. I have extensive experience in advertising illustrations as well as Packaging and Publishing. For over 20 years, I have worked as an illustrator / Flash animator.

Leopold, Susan

Susan Leopold is an internationally known illustrator Susan Leopold is an award winning mixed media illustrator born in the Motor City and now living in the Big Smoke (what Canadians call Toronto). Leopold has won numerous gold, silver and bronze awards from groups such as Dimensional Illustrators, Society of Illustrators New York, Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, Communication Arts, Society of Publication Designers, Print and Art Direction. Leopold received a BFA in Fine Art from the University of Michigan and an MA in Medical Illustration from University of California. Her work has been shown in the USA Canada and Europe and has been displayed at the Museum of American Illustration, The Art Directors Club, Salmagundi Club and *new gallery. Most recently she was invited to exhibit at the William F. Eisner Museum of Advertising and Design in “Right Here in the USA” which the Eisner described as “showcasing work from 24 of the most influential photographers and illustrators in advertising today.” Leopold has been featured in publications nationally and internationally including a new book called The Art of Feminine Drawing which showcases contemporary illustrators from around the world and I remember Mama, a book based on a two part juried exhibit at the International Quilt Show that traveled internationally. Her work is currently featured in the winter issue of Cloth,Paper, Scissors a magazine about contemporary collage and next fall will be featured in a six page spread in Somerset Magazine. She has been on the cover and featured in publications such as Step by Step, Applied Arts, Fiberarts and Legacy. She is currently a course supervisor at Sheridan College and a guest lecturer at several other colleges. She will be heading up the art program at Voice Intermediate School in the historic Distillery (an old factory site) where she also maintains her studio/gallery space and the Channel Gallery.

Leslie Harrington

I'm a traditionally trained illustrator and a whiz- bang Photoshop artist. Clients: Highlights Magazine for Children *won the redesign of the Goofus and Gallant comic that has appeared in Highlights for 60 years. AND- Benchmark Education LinguiSystems Lifeway Christian Resources Oxford University Press Pearson/ Scott Foresman Houghton-Mifflin Puzzle-Buzz Venture Products, Inc. SoftPlay, Inc. Bill Smith Studio Brain Worx Studio Lad Magazine Celebrate Express, Inc. Becker&Mayer! Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro, Inc.

Letarte. Sylvain

Sylvain Letarte Illustrator. A Canadian artist whose unique style that combines his love for calligraphy with his passion for illustration. Working as a Calligrapher/Illustrator he has created theater, movie, and exhibition posters as well as murals for the walls of well known restaurants, and cafés in Montréal.

Levine, Laura

children's books, folk art, naive, colorful, editorial, hand lettering, portraits, bold, bright, surreal, musicians, Blab!, documentary illustration, etc.

Levy Creative Management

LCM represents the following artists: Mike Byers, Robin Eley, Brian Hubble, Rory Kurtz, Christopher Nielsen, Laura Osorno, Trip Park, Kyung Soon Park, Jason Seiler, Koren Shadmi, Jason Tharp & Andrea Wicklund. Levy Creative Management is an artists agency that represents fine artists and commercial artists & illustrators. LCM represents national and international award winning artists who have exhibited and presented their work in motion pictures, galleries and in print worldwide. LCM represents artists who work in all facets of both the fine and commercial art world and have artists who create artwork for such industries ranging from movie sets & props, movie/theatre & entertainment posters & promotions, editorial, publishing, record companies, childrens books, advertising, corporate & design, and more. The styles represented in LCMs group range from photo realistic oil paint to abstract painting, graphic & retro art, silkscreen & printmaking, 3-D digital art & 3-D illustration, collage, caricature design and more...

Lewis, Anthony

Anthony lives with his wife Kathryn and three children, Isabella, Eimilia, and Rory along with two cats, Maurice and Jasper in a small village in Cheshire, in the northwest of England. Since he graduated with First Class Honours from the Liverpool School of Art in 1989, he has illustrated more than 200 children's books, as well as magazine articles, advertisements, theater posters and corporate brochures. Whilst studying Anthony was Highly Commended in the Reader's Digest Young Illustrators Competition. He has also a Smarties Gold Award for 'The Owl Tree', has twice been short-listed for the Sheffield Book Award and was nominated for the BBC's 2004 Blue Peter Book Award for 'Atticus the Storyteller's 100 Greek Myths. In his free time he enjoys the theater, traveling and watching Liverpool Football Club.

Lewis, Gregory

Digital Illustration, digital illustration, pharmaceutical illustration, photo illustration, illustrator, photoshop, conceptual, imaging, imaginary

Liaw, Anson

Anson Liaw's versatile award-winning illustrations has been applied as effective visual solutions for various clients including editorial, publishing, corporate, packaging and advertising communications.

Lillash, Rich

Rich's work has been recognized by Communication Arts, American Illustration The Society of Illustrators, Print and The Society of News Designers. His clients include: Bloomberg Business Week Cline Davis Mann Cramer Krasselt Crown Publishing Deutsch LA Forbes Greenhaus Harvard Business Review LA Times Washington Post US News & World Reports Wall Street Journal Washington Post

Lin, Leo

Graphic art, illustration, Fashion, Game character design, comic colorist,

Lindgren and Smith

27/7 Studio, Christiane Beauregard, Anna Lazareva, Jon C Lund, Jamey Christoph, Robert Crawford, Regan Dunnick, Martin Haake, Joe & Kathy Heiner, , Kim Johnson, Francis Livingston, Chris Lyons, Chris O'Leary, Michael Paraskevas, Rick Peterson, Chuck Pyle, Michael Robertson, Robert Rodriguez, Jim Salvati, Mariusz Stawarski, Robert Gantt Steele, Jerome Studer, Pol Turgeon, Stefano Vitale, Beth White, Dan Williams

Lindley, Eric--Partners Illustration

My work is best described as realistic imagery utilizing 3D and 2D technology to create modeled environments rich in detail and texture. I have been fortunate for the past 20 years to work in a profession which allows me to express my vision. Working with talented creatives in both corporate and editorial environments helps keep my work fresh and evolving to meet the demands of an ever changing global market. My experiences over the years have been in art direction, airbrush illustration, photography and computer graphics. Each experience affording me insight into the needs of today's creative directors. My greatest asset to your team is my ability to conceptualize and resolve elements within a project in a professional and collaborative manner. It is my profession to solve problems. It is my passion to create........Digital,Digital 3D, collage, Realism, photo-illustration, multiple styles.

Linka, Tony

Technical & Scientific Illustration by Tony Linka Illustration

Linley, Michael

I do a variety of traditional and electronic illustration styles with flair!

Liogier, Vikki

graphic, digital, figures ,editorial, maps, conceptual, communications, business, computer generated


Painterly and realistic in style. Caricature and portraits, celebrity, musicians, politicians and actors. Editorial illustration.

Lisa Carey Design

Each principal at Lisa Carey Design, LLC has over 19 years of experience. This partial list of clients have worked with our company directly, and in a few cases with one of our principals while employed by or in partnership with other design firms or agencies.

Liu, Sam

itch_studios. director, storyboard artist, illustrator, comic book and video game artist.

Livingston, Francis

Francis Livingston was born in Cortez, Colorado and ranks as one of the top American illustrators. His early works, which were influenced by Sargent and Whistler, were painted in a monochromatic style. Upon moving to the San Francisco Bay area he started to experiment with color which led to a fondness for the California and French Impressionists. Francis Livingston lived and painted in San Francisco for 20 years and then five years ago he moved his family to Sun Valley, Idaho, where he developed a deeper appreciation for the west.

Liz Grace Illustration

whimsical, impressionistic line drawings in both black and white and color have graced the pages of numerous magazines and newspapers as well as adding style and instruction to books on health, cooking and package design.

Liz Sanders Agency

Since 1985, Liz Sanders Agency has represented an eclectic group of commercial illustrators, each highly specialized in a range of medium: digital, oil, acrylic, pastel and a variety of style: realistic, whimsical, editorial, juvenile. My commitment to personal service and positive relationships has proven well in seeking out the best of art buyers and freshest, most unique talent. My business philosophy is founded on reliability, honesty, practicality and persistence. These attributes combined with effective marketing & promotion has resulted in a thriving business whose client base includes design/advertising firms, magazine/book publishers, and corporations.

Loeffler, Max

Max was born in rural Germany in 1989 and started out illustrating extensive album artworks for punk and metal bands after doing his homework. After graduating from the Graphic Design department at Hochschule Darmstadt in 2017, he began working as a freelancer with renowned clients like The New Yorker, The New York Times, Adidas and Google. He still enjoys creating artwork for bands.

Influenced by the classic surrealists as well as retro science-fiction book covers, he likes to look below the surface of one-to-one visual translations, adding meaning and room for inference by wrapping his illustrations in the dense atmosphere of a surreal and melancholic parallel universe. His urge is to translate and decipher what can only be felt, not directly seen, and to amplify this visually, particularly in his personal work.

Max has worked with clients such as: The New Yorker , The New York Times , Google, GLOBE Brand, Future Islands, Bloomberg Businessweek, Folio Society, Atreyu, GQ Magazine, WirtschaftsWoche, DIE ZEIT, Adidas, Bandcamp, Medium, Cicero, The Economist, Variety, Wall Street Journal, The Hollywood Reporter, and The Shrine.

Awards: 2019: 3x3 AWARD SHOW Merit 2019: WORLD ILLUSTRATION AWARDS 2x Shortlist 2019: AMERICAN ILLUSTRATION 38 Winner 2019: SOCIETY OF ILLUSTRATORS “Illustrators 61” Exhibit & book 2018: JOSEPH BINDER AWARD Distinction 2018: GERMAN DESIGN AWARD Newcomer Nominee 2018: FOLIO SOCIETY BOOK COMPETITION Winner 2017: 3x3 STUDENT SHOW Gold 2016: JOSEPH BINDER AWARD Distinction 2016: ADC GERMANY Silver

Books: Lürzer’s 200 Best Illustrators 2018/2019 Freistil

Lola & Rosanas

Smart & Wit Illustration. People, Humour, Advertising, Business.

Lola Dupre portfolio

Portfolio of paper and scissors collage artist and illustrator Lola Dupre. Lola has lived and worked in Scotland, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Spain and Ireland since 2000. And is currently working on upcoming exhibition and editorial projects. Recent clients and collaborators include, Nike + Doubleday & Cartwright, New York Magazine, Die Welt, KellyBehun|STUDIO, The New Republic, New Statesman and Flair Italia Magazine.

Lomax, Liz

Liz Lomax is an award-winning New York artist who incorporates sculpture, design, painting and photography into her work. She creates illustrations for advertising campaigns, magazines, newspapers, books and album covers. Her unique, hand-sculpted illustration style, which grew from a love of creating shoebox dioramas as a child, is a breath of fresh air in this age of computer generated imagery. She is widely recognized as one of the leading figures in her field and has been published in Communication Arts, American Illustration, Society of Illustrators, TASCHEN art books and many prestigious books on illustration. She has chaired and juried illustration competitions and taught at Parsons, Pratt and lectured worldwide. Her clients include Barneys NY, Black Entertainment Television, Bloomberg, DC Comics, Entertainment Weekly, Lucky Brand Jeans, Miramax, Newsweek, Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp, Rolling Stone, Saatchi & Saatchi, Seventeen, and VH1 Classic (and many more)

Long, Chris

Chris Long’s studio overlooks the leafy green expanse that is Clapham Common. From there he watches as the world goes by: polished young professionals hurrying for the Tube, children dawdling to school, postmen, joggers, shoppers, tramps and would-be Jeeves. Boy racers, limos, bikes and bikers, hybrids, mom trucks, double decker buses and the occasional horse drawn hearse.

In time, he’ll manage to capture them all in his charming, vibrant paintings that have over the years graced the pages and packaging of many: Mattel’s My Scene, QVC, Glamour, Penguin Books, BBC Worldwide, Vogue, Perrier, Pearson and The New York Times.

Growing up beside the sea, Chris absorbed all the brash colours, bold shapes and surreal incongruity of his hometown and channeled them into his paintings. His distinctive artwork quickly earned him a place in art school and packed off to Rome with a degree in Fine Art, Chris first drew fumetti for the notorious Italian magazine Frigidaire. A long spell at the New Musical Express gave him the chance to decorate their pages with his droll and pertinent characters of the time. Chris joined CWC in the 1990’s and immediately worked with Parco, Hanako, and Shiseido. His eye for detail and flair for characterization repeatedly attracts commissions from delighted clients in the US, Europe and Asia.

Long, Sveta

Intricately drawn lines, flowers, faces, and mermaids that catch the light to shimmer and shine, she creates them on vases, plates, fabrics, and now, eggs. In May of 2016 Sveta was awarded by Art Tour International Magazine as Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art


Illustrations, Graphic Design, Logotypes, Typefaces

Lord, Anna

The fanciful, the creepy, the lovely, the sleepy. In black and white or color, with paper and pen or ones and zeroes.

LordCheez Character Design, Illustration and Animation

Character Design, Animation, Illustration for broadcast, print, and multimedia. Incorporates a distinct flavor and style to everything he touches.

Louise Crowe Illustration

Louise is a traditional based freelance illustrator. Suitable for all subjects and areas. Work is produced mainly in watercolour, gouache, pen and ink and scanned into Adobe Photoshop. Her work is particularly suited to the childrens book market, but also lends itself to others areas of publishing, corporate, educational, editorial and advertising usage. Able to deliver underpressure and to tight deadlines.

Lovell, Andy

Andy’s work as an illustrator and printmaker is informed by making drawings and paintings from life which are then revisited through the medium of print. The original drawings are not an end in themselves but rather aim to catch the essence of a place in a form that can be translated to print back in the studio. He is drawn to the immediacy that the screen-print and monotype processes both allow and encourage and which result in a gestural and often graphic interpretation of these initial sketches and paintings done on location that capture a real sense of mood and place.

Andy’s printmaking is represented through galleries across the UK whist, as an illustrator he has worked on a wide range of commercial commissions, across the publishing, editorial, advertising and design sectors.

Clients include American Express, ABTA, Natwest bank, Singapore Airlines, Guardian Media Group, Bowmore Whisky, Hoopers, British Gas, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Saturday Times, The Sunday Times, The Times, The Guardian, Conde Naste, Time Inc., You Magazine, The Evening Standard, Time Out Magazine, IPC Media, National Magazines, Random House, Harper Collins, Faber & Faber, Friends of the Earth, Decca, EMI Sinead O’Connor & Shane McGowan - ‘Haunted’ Video Backdrop.

Work held in Collections 2009 PALACE OF WESTMINSTER COLLECTION, London

Work in Open Submission shows 2015 RWA Open Exhibition Bristol 2013 RWA Open Exhibition Bristol 2009 Royal Society of Marine Artists Mall Galleries London 2009 ORIGINALS 09 Mall Galleries London 2008 NEAC SHOW Mall Galleries London 2008 RBSA Print Prize exhibition 2008 Summer Exhibition Royal Academy London

One Man Shows 2013 One man show, Stroud 2009 One man show Castor & Pollux, Brighton 2009 One man show, Jersey Arts Centre 2007 ‘Andy Lovell Prints’ 1 man print show London 2005 ‘Shifting Views’1 man print show London

Group Shows and Exhibitions 2015 ‘As I walked out one Summer’ -Laurie Lee Centenary show Sub Rooms Stroud 2013 Organiser of & participant in IMPRESS’13 National Printmaking Exhibition Stroud 2013 Printmaking show, Assembly House,Norwich 2013 Joint show, The Gallery, Cromer, Norfolk 2009 Lichfield Arts Festival. Joint show with Angie Lewin and Alistair Tucker 2009 Organiser of & participant in IMPRESS’09 National Printmaking Exhibition Stroud

Lovisa Oliv - Watercolor fashion & lifestyle illustration

Lovisa Oliv creates colorful and vivid fashion characters and silhouettes. Using mainly watercolor and marker her chic illustrations exudes style and confidence.

Low, William

William Low is an award winning painter & illustrator with a reputation for using light, color, perspective. Creating images that viewers find an immediate emotional connection with.

Lucas, Margeaux

Margeaux Lucas was born on Halloween, so she loves spooky things like black cats, full moons, and very starry nights. She began drawing constantly from age four, amazing her friends with pictures of people and animals, especially horses, which were her favorite. Her love of picture books came from the many hours she spent before bedtime reading from the collection at her grandmother's house. As a teenager she loved fashion, but found that she was better at drawing than sewing. She studied Graphic Design in school, but is largely self-taught as an illustrator. Margeaux loves to travel, and three of her favorite cities are Paris, London and New York, her current home. Margeaux's work reflects her love of fashion, nature, and the many shapes, sizes and colors that people come in, plus the constant exuberance of children.

Luce, Craig

Commission custom works by this acclaimed illustrator who worked with Frank Netter MD of Ciba fame.

Luczak, Laurie

Conceptual illustration used for editorial, childrens book, advertsing, book covers, design and corporate media. Laurie offers two different styles working in painterly and digital media. Her work has appeared in Communication Arts, Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, Society of Ilustrators LA, & Print. Clients include The New York Times, The US Post Office, AMEX,The Wall St Journal, Continental, AARP, Seventeen and more.


LULU* works for teen Vogue, Glamour UK, The New York Times, Madame figaro, Daimler Chrysler and much more. please contact her or her agent CWC International, INC. in NY

Lund, Jon C.

Classic vintage poster style digital art Influenced by everything from travel posters to matchbooks and inspired by some of the great commercial artists of the first half of the last century. Specializing in posters, covers, logos, and lettering for advertising, sales promotion and licensing. Clients include: The NFL, Disney, PGA, Pepsi, Apple computer, Target, Hasbro, The USGA Yum Brands, Ghirardelli, ESPN, Parker Bros., Major League Baseball, Wall St. Journal, Wall Mart, TravelSmith, Bacardi, Wizards of the Coast, Starbucks. . Classic poster style illustration and typography

Lunden, Einar

Einar Lunden is an experienced illustrator and cartoonist who works both for children and the general market. He does all types of illustrations, cartoons, comics, character designs, concepts, logo designs for books, magazines, online, and more. He has been extensively published in books, magazines, newspapers, online, corporate, etc. Works well on deadline. Please visit his website for sample work.

Lunsford, Annie

Light and color. Black and white. Humorous, whimsical, stylized illustration for advertising, editorial, institutional and children's books. Traditional acrylic paintings and digital. Specializes in animals and kids.

Lusis, Ellyn

Conceptual, digital, editorial illustrations and trendy, retro, advertising illustrations.

Luxich, Matt

Bizarrre children's and spot illustrations. Giant Robots, mad cows, silly monsters, aliens and spooky kites to name a few. What can Matt Draw for you?

Lyhus, Randy

New media images with emphasis on concept. Illustrations for magazines, annual reports, collateral, advertising and publishing. digital, 3d, conceptual, photography, collage

Lyle, Bill

Welcome to It is home to Commercial, TV, Feature and Animation Storyboard Artist, Bill Lyle. When looking for a talented Storyboard Artist, Bill Lyle is at the top of the heap. For past examples of Bill's Storyboards, please visit his very original website, .

Lynn Architectural Illustrators

Online portfolios.

lynne foster

Lynne lives and works in New York City. She received her BFA from Pratt and her MFA from SVA, both in illustration. Lynne's work has appeared in numerous magazines and books. Clients have included: Alibi Magazine, Analytical Chemistry, Berkeley Books, Cincinnati Magazine, Congregations Magazine, Dallas Morning News, Delaware Today Magazine , Gallery Magazine, Genesis, Hunter College, The Indypendent, The Lutheran, Nurse Practitioner, Main line Today, Medical Economics, National Opera Society, Penthouse International, Better Health & Living Magazine, Psychology Today, The Sports Foundation, Scholastic, Skye Records, Twilight Zone Magazine, Working Woman, The Wall Street Journal She also teaches part time at Pratt Institute. and City College in NYC.

Lyon, Tammie

Tammie initially pursued a career as a professional ballet dancer before she decided to switch gears. She attended the Columbus College of Art and Design, where she received her BFA. She began her illustration career as a staff illustrator for a major greeting card company eventually becoming the director of the juvenile product line. Having discovered that illustration was her true passion, she left to begin a freelance career in the children's market where she has illustrated numerous books, posters, magazines, cds, games, clothing, and just about anything else you can think of.

Lyons, Chris

Chris Lyons is an Illustrator, gardener, and pass-first point guard. And hopelessly addicted to all three things. He loves to do great work for great clients. In the last few months that’s been: Conde Nast Traveler, American Express, Target, Penguin Publishing, Chicago Magazine, Monocle Magazine (London), Scholastic, Chicago Tribune, McCann Erickson, LA Magazine, Cramer-Kressalt, AirTran, Smart Money, Utne Reader, The New York Times, Bicycling Magazine, Texas Monthly and AARP to name a few. His work has appeared with some regularity in the CA Illustration Annual, American Illustration, 3x3 and Creative Quarterly. He is also on the Adjunct Faculty of The School of Design at RIT.

Lyons, Steven

Specializing in technology related illustration. Past clients: Apple, Adobe, Sun, Oracle, Cisco, Motorola, Intel and others.

Lyudmila Tomova

LYudmila Tomova's art work includes Illustration both editorial and digital,illustrations, illustration, Lyudmila Tomova, Ludmilla Tomova, Ludmilla, Lyudmila, art, paintings, digital art, computer art, computer illustration, acrylic paintings, design, , computer renderings, funky art, cartoony art, cartoons, famous people, celebrities, editorial illustration, painterly style, acrylic on bord, pen and ink,

Lyudmila Tomova

Lyudmila Tomova is an established artist and illustrator presenting series of illustrations and drawings with a distinctive style giving an alternative view of the human frailties. Her work has layers of complexity where more than one meaning can be attached to the pieces. She exposes components of the human condition such as greed, hypocrisy, absurdity and evil with grotesque imagery, cleverness and humor. The paintings reveal intricately composed and yet chaotic abstracted compositions that draw upon the emotional inner world. The absurdity and uncertainty of life is fully expressed as a struggle for space and reasoning. Skillfully executed she achieves poignancy through a unique perspective that resonates throughout the cohesive presentation.

Lyudmila Tomova

Lyudmila Tomova is an established artist and illustrator presenting series of illustrations and drawings with a distinctive style giving an alternative view of the human frailties. Her work has layers of complexity where more than one meaning can be attached to the pieces. She exposes components of the human condition such as greed, hypocrisy, absurdity and evil with grotesque imagery, cleverness and humor. The paintings reveal intricately composed and yet chaotic abstracted compositions that draw upon the emotional inner world. The absurdity and uncertainty of life is fully expressed as a struggle for space and reasoning. Skillfully executed she achieves poignancy through a unique perspective that resonates throughout the cohesive presentation.