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colorful,witty,whimsical yet sophisticated pastel, ink,fresco, watercolor paintings of people, dogs, cats, animals, children, men, women,shoes, for advertising,packaging, children's book illustration, editorial, posters, fashion,beauty, fine art, holiday, travel,animals,animal portraits, educational and text book, business. Clients include: United Airlines, Neiman Marcus, Bloomsbury Childrens Books, Chronicle Books, Nordstrom, Landsend, LA Times, Hewlet Packard, San Francisco Ballet, University of Arizona Press and more. Coming out October 2009 - "For A Girl Becoming" by writer and performer Joy Harjo, illustrated by Mercedes McDonald.

Harris, Jim

Detailed, light-hearted illustration by a Society of Illustrators Silver Medal Winner. Animals, people, whimsical scenes, dinosaurs, fairytales, anthropomorphic characters, painterly settings, detailed realism. Illustrations for film, advertising, licensing, editorial, product design and children's books (over 3 million in print) as well as fantasy themes and detailed caricatures. Clients include National Geographic Books, Accord/Andrews McMeel, The Danbury Mint, Sesame Street, IBM, Chicago Tribune, Dial Books, Northland/Rising Moon, Better Homes & Gardens Books, Tommy Nelson, Scripture Press, Ottenheimer Press, Pacific Press, Silver Burdett & Ginn, Standard Publishing, Concordia Press, Bradford Exchange, Harcourt Publishing, Houghton Mifflin, Franklin Mint, The Mind's Eye, National Wildlife Federation,etc. To discuss your project, give me a call at 210-807-4192 or drop me a line at

Conley, Laurie A.

Black and white line, pen and ink, line with color, digital, diagrams, children, teens, adults, people, multicultural, multi-person scenes, animals, children's book, textbook, workbook


tw-eye is an extension of tom white.images. We focus on education, games, toys, publishing and a whimsical approach to business and technology

Cleyet Merle, Laurence

painterly, childrens books, children, people, narrative, animals, scenes, fairy tale, fun, colorful, costume, acrylics

Shahar Kober

Born in 1979 in Israel, I'm is a graduate of Shenkar College of Design (2005). Co-winner of the Sydney Taylor Honor Book Award, 2009. Since graduation I have been contributing illustrations to most leading Israeli newspapers on regular basis. I also illustrate for magazines, advertisements, and more. I particularly enjoys illustrating for children and I'm now working on three new picture books. I am represented worldwide by Plum Pudding Illustration, UK.

Arzoumanian, Alik

Bold colors, playful patterns and a whimsical mood characterize my illustrations. My work is primarily focused on picture books, but I am also interested in advertising and surface design illustration. I use acrylics, but my portfolio features some digital illustration as well. keywords: children, animals, stylized, picture books, decorative, whimsical

Baker, Alan

magical, fantasy, childrens books, realistic, painterly, watercolor, animals, people, narrative, advertising, editorial, packaging


Bold cut-paper and inkbrush images; created digitally and by hand, for children's books, advertising, corporate and editorial reproduction. Art that tells a story, or communicates a concept clearly, with a sense of fun, movement and emotion. Clients include Hyperion, HarperCollins, and Mondo publishers, as well as The New York Times, Bank of America and AARP.

Speir, Nancy

Whimsical and Humorous illustration of animals,people and kids in acrylic or water color.

Frampton, David

Woodcut illustration for children's books

Dogfoose Infotoons

Thanks for looking! Check out my portfolio on Picasa! Infotoons (memorable infographics with a fresh perspective) are a hallmark of Owner and illustrator Michael Kline has given thought and artwork to Kids Discover magazine, Williamson Publishing,, Ravinia (Chicago Symphony), Storey Publishing, and many others for more than 19 years. Dogfoose specializes in evocative, whimsical imagery for books and magazines for children.

Tong, Paul

Children's book and editorial illustrator.

Whitehead, Pete

Children book, wacky, whimsical, painterly, silly, goofy, advertising, computer illustration. Did I mention silly?

Mike Gordon Illustration

Humorous Illustration for Childrens books and Greeting Cards

Santat, Dan

Dan Santat editorial and children's book illustration

Sauber, Robert

Robert Sauber Children's book illustration. Watercolor and character design.

Carluccio, Maria

An illustrator with a loose, whimsicle, graphic look. She is a textile designer, childrens book writer and fine artist as well.

Ball, Victoria

Children, Childrens books, Painterly, Cute, People, Stylized, loose, fun

Noll, Cheryl Kirk

Portfolio, books and bio...Cheryl speciailizes in multicultural and historic watercolor and linart illustrations for children

Mundorff, Lisa

Artist and Illustrator for children's market.

Coatimundi Stuidos

Fran Lee and Ted Gadecki Digital and traditional Illustration, Advertising, Publishing, Children's Books, Products, Realsim

Minichiello, Liz

experianced Illustrator, colourful fun and creative work to meet all your needs


childrens books, greeting cards, pastel, soft pastel, oil pastel, packaging, illustration, posters


Enjoy the artwork of the german Illustrator Michael Bayer

John Shelley Illustration

International British illustrator based in Japan. Portfolio ranges from corporate advertising to internationally released children's books and character merchandising.

Fasolino Peter

Peter Fasolino's illustrations cover the spectrum of Children's Books, Editorial and Advertising art as well as Caricature. Peter lives and works in New York City and, when not illustrating, spends his time pondering what part of the brain is responsible for compelling one to be an illustrator.  The same part, perhaps, that persuades one to believe in the possibility of lasting peace in the Middle East, a Beatles reunion (All four), O.J. Simpson's innocence, tolerable Adam Sandler movies, keeping the porchlight on for Jimmy Hoffa's return, health insurance for every American and a high six figure yearly salary due to buyers of Illustration who know good art when they see it. "Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid, The ILLUSTRATOR.... must be a complete man and a common man and yet an unusual man. He must be, to use a rather weathered phrase, a man of honor... He talks as the man of his age talks, that is, with rude wit, a lively sense of the grotesque, a disgust for sham, and a contempt for pettiness. He is cynical yet idealistic, romantic yet full of despair, an essentially gentle man moving across the landscape of beauty, decadence and violence." (apologies to Raymond Chandler)

Writer/illustrator for children's markets.

Palmer, Dandi

A portfolio of children's book and other artwork by a professional UK general illustrator. Part of the UK's National Grid for Learning.

Varner, Kristin

Stylized, whimsical illustration for Children's book, packaging and advertising. Children, animals, poster and product. Acrylic, painterly, digital and animation.

Brownlee, Kelly Jackson

Whimsical Illustrator for children's books and girly fun! Stop by my portfolio website for a visit. Published children's book illustrator, icon illustrator for Microsoft and casual games. All images © Kelly J. Brownlee Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Marion Weisse

Professional, colorful, humorous illustrations for young children up to adults. All techniques from watercolor up to modern computer-graphics.

Radzinski, Kandy

Freelance artist/Illustrator of Children's Books, greeting cards, posters, note cards, catalogs, and other commercial media primarily utilizing watercolor, and pen and ink.

Straub, Philip

Children's Book illustrator, 3D artist, concept artist, and matte painter.

Hamilton, Pamela

Childrens books, whimsical, stylized, children, animals, carefee,characters, bright palette.

Mulazzani, Simona

Simona Mulazzani Illustrator. An Italian artist specializing in painterly acrylic images of animals and people, for Children's books.

Manga Media

Manga and Graphic Novel Illustrator

Günther Jakobs Illustration

The german illustrator Günther Jakobs presents examples of his work, childrens book fictional and non fictional illustration.

Patkau, Karen

Colorful, whimsical digital and traditional collage illustrations for picture books, posters, products children's products, advertisements, editorial articles and greeting cards.

Moss Moon Studio

Moss Moon is a creative team of Kaori Hamura and Bill Long with funky & whimsical illustrations and animations. Our clients include: MTV Networks, Nickelodeon, Time Out, New York Press, Interviews, Mademoiselle, Cosmo Girl!, Ray Gun, Anna Sui and others. Our animated shorts have been broadcast on different networks (Nickelodeon, MTV, and Oxygen Media). We were able to design, animate, and direct the animation. We also were able to write, perform, and produce the music to go with the animation. Recently,our collaboration, "Bootie Boogie"(animation shorts) directed by Kaori and music by Bill has won a Silver Award in E-Culture Category for The Society of Illustrators' Annual Awards 2003 in Los Angeles.(

Elena, Horacio

illustrated books for young and children, advertising, Book covers, medical illustration, interactive books, CD-ROM, Web pages and computer animated cartoons.

John Nez Online Portfolio

Online portfolio of the more than 60 children's books illustrated by John Nez. Artwork for children's publishing in traditional and digital mediums.

Slade, Christian

Christian Slade emphasizes character and mood in his artwork. He focuses on solid drawing with watercolor, ink, and pencil. He is experienced in children's books, animation, storyboards, and character design. Many years of hard work make these pictures smart, whimsical, and full of personality! Christian Slade is the creator of the all ages graphic novel series "Korgi" published by Top Shelf and now available in stores.

Balouch, Kristen

Digital illustrations for children's books, editorial, art liscensing, fine art prints, educational games, magazines, greeting cards, giftware, and home decor products. Look for categories: children, collage, digital, graphic, lettering, nature, retro, wacky, cut paper, and whimsical.

Transatlantic Literary Agency 2

Agent for Roger Roth, Jennifer Thermes, Pattie Silver-Thompson, Lisa Horstman and Irene Luxbacher. Trade and Educational publishing.

saul rosenbaum | square-headed folks |digital illustrations for children's books, editorial & advert

Whimsical and graphically stylized, editorial, advertising, packaging, the web, childrens books and magazines -- studio (215) 702-1147

Ruzzier, Sergio

Author and illustrator of children's books: The Little Giant, The Room of Wonders, and many others. Editorial illustrator for a number of international publications, including Blab!, The New Yorker, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal

Louise Crowe Illustration

Louise is a traditional based freelance illustrator. Suitable for all subjects and areas. Work is produced mainly in watercolour, gouache, pen and ink and scanned into Adobe Photoshop. Her work is particularly suited to the childrens book market, but also lends itself to others areas of publishing, corporate, educational, editorial and advertising usage. Able to deliver underpressure and to tight deadlines.
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