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E.C. Masters

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  • This is the part where we talk about who Elizabeth is and what she’s all about. I am Elizabeth’s sister. I’d like to think I know her better than anyone else. Growing up side by side, I’ve seen Elizabeth's career develop, from her kindergarten construction paper doodles, to her most recent portfolio, which radiates color, detail, and invention. She truly, literally, always gives her all to every project. She gives her clients what they ask for and more. It’s just her personality to do her very best with what she loves to do most. I know because I have seen her in her studio early in the morning, in the afternoon, late at night, eyes popping, paint smeared on brow and cheek, bent over a canvas or a computer image that wasn’t due for another week. Creating good art is Elizabeth's life, and she lets almost nothing distract her from that goal, which she has achieved many times over. Along with her obsession with perfection, Elizabeth constantly pushes her imagination to new limits. She is never satisfied with the ordinary or the expected. For Elizabeth, true creativity is never stopping at what she has already seen, felt, or experienced, but depicting what could have been, maybe should have been, and what she hopes will be. ~ Madeline Churchill Masters (freelance writer and editor, Buffalo NY)
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