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Indigo Studios

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  • contact: Marc Rochon
  • phone: 404-872-0110
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  • Indigo is a full-service creative-production powerhouse of visual spunk, helping leading agencies and brands create and produce stunning advertising campaigns, vivid promotions, colorful visuals and dynamic imagery from concept to completion. We're the ad industry's most talented artists working under one roof on the finest graphics platforms available. With a full-service photo studio and an unlimited array of photo gear, hardware and software, our experienced illustrators, photographers, visual designers, 3d/cgi specialists and animators can produce anything you can dream up - on time and on budget, for print, motion and new media. Indigo = incredible visuals, visual content and imagery for conveying emotion, vivid color, depth, sex appeal and dimension. From comps to storyboards and animatics, illustration to high-end photo compositing and cgi/3d, Indigo Studios takes your large (and small) ideas and productions from start to finish, even under the tightest deadlines. Our focus? You - to exceed your expectations, and build real working relationships by delivering quality results. Call us. Estimates and well-executed visual ideas are a phone call away. 404.872.0110
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