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Three Steps Left of Normal

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  • Todd Lawson, Elesavet, Jarrett Osborne, Kelly Mclarnon, Rhonda Mulder, Don Sparrow, Peter Goode, Levon Jihanian, Aaron McKinney, Ellyn Lusis, Linda Zacks and Jeremy Pruitt. While discussing the difficulty of promoting unique work to an industry bloated with cliché and repetition, a group of artists, decided they needed more exposure and wanted the opportunity to partake in unique projects. On that day Three Steps Left of Normal was born. An artist run collective of creative individuals based all over North America, who all consider themselves to be a few steps outside of the mainstream realm of commercial and gallery artwork. Featuring 12 award winning, internationl artsits/illustrators from across Canada and the U.S., three steps left represents a new evolution of illustrator collectives...looking to advance the industry beyond it's boarders.
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