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  • Natascha Engelmann is a freelance illustrator since '96. Today she's living and working in Berlin and New York City. Her figures elegantly and glamourosly concrete, as subtly at the same time- are characterized by natural grace and childlike naivety. Her digital sketches are like surreal snapshots of a nevertheless clearly outlined everyday world. Natascha's pictures, which it formulates with traditional and technical computer sign methods for an unmistakable handwriting, remind of Japanese woodcuts and Art Nouveau. Recent publications: '200 Best worldwide'by Luerzer's Archive 2006; Poster and DVD cover for the CinemaMovie 'I Hate You', NYC 2005, signed with Maxim Media International's label Brain Damage Films for worldwide distribution; WORKBOOK/ NYC 2005; Interview in 'TRENDSETTER Magazine' Istanbul/ #MAY 2005; LeBOOK/ NYC / London 2004; Best of Illustration, 2004;'Cutting edge of Fashionillustration, Author Martin Dawber, foreword by Jasper Conran, published by Mithell Beazley 2004/ London. Publications in advance: 'All Allure'/ Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin 2007; BIG BOOK of Fashion Illustration, United Kingdom Some of her clients: ALLEGRA; GLAMOUR Germany; GLAMOUR U.K.; GLAMOUR Russia; ADVANCESTAR USA; WELLFIT; JOY; SHAPE; GEO Saison; Wellfit; Freundin; Young Woman, 'Maedchen', INSTYLE; SELF Magazine, Condenast USA, Mercedes Benz; Renault; NIVEA; Goldwell; FILA; Loreal, KAUFHOF-Gruppe; Telekom; CITI Bank, SONY; MTV; VIVA; RTL, Covergirl.. To view more, please click:
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