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There are two ways to integrate a Foliosearch page into your site:

Standard Design

  1. Create a frame set for your stock area.
  2. Put our pre-built search page into the bottom frame of your site.

Custom Page Design

  1. Create a search page design for your site, based upon our pre-built search page.
  2. Create 3 image results pages to match your design.
  3. Send us the 3 image pages and we'll finish it from there
Useful Downloads:

Standard Frameset example

Custom Page templates



Contact us at 323-769-3168, by email at email us or look here for answers to some common questions. Read our terms and conditions page before ordering.

Standard Page Design concept




Foliosearch comes with a Standard search page that you can easily put into a frame on your existing site. Our program generates everything that you need automatically when you use our Standard design.



Custom Design concept



Almost any design is possible when you create a custom page for your site, even Flash.

Your search page and all of the design graphics will reside on your own web site server. All we need are the 3 template pages so that your image results pages will match your design.

Give us a call at 301.942.4850 if you have any questions about your design.