A clean gallery-style design theme.

A clean gallery-style design theme.

Folioplanet has been helping artists get their work online for more than 10 years. As artists ourselves, it has always been our goal to bring affordable, high-quality technology available to artists so that they can market their work and become more visible. We are now beginning to offer both hosting and Themes created for artists, designers, architects and anyone who is obsessive about how their work is displayed.

There are many open-source content management systems (CMS) out there – Drupal, Joomla and WordPress are a few. We’ve chosen to develop in WordPress because it’s administration area is well designed, works as advertised and there are literally thousands of plug-ins and themes available, most for free. Themes are easily changed and you are free to alter the code to create the exact look that is right for your work.

Our BaseLayer theme is designed specifically for the visual artist and is based on standard HTML and CSS. We have developed several themes based off BaseLayer, click the links to the right to see a few of them in action. All of the themes feature a control panel and simple options for changing colors and background, right in your WordPress admin area.

Feel free to create your own theme from BaseLayer like we did. It’s called a Child Theme, and as long as BaseLayer is also installed it will have all of the same functionality, with just a few lines of code to make it look exactly like you want. It’s quite easy to create a new Child Theme and best of all you won’t have to re-enter information about your images when you change themes, once you’ve entered the information it is there for any theme to utilize.