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Natural & Scientific Illustration, Gina Mikel

Illustrations of plants, animals, frogs, fish, birds and more.

Gunther, Graphics

My name is Tim Gunther. I am a freelance scientific illustrator from Solana Beach, California. I studied marine biology at the University of California Santa Barbara, and received a Masters Certificate in scientific illustration at the University of California Santa Cruz. My clients include the Marine Biological Laboratory Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, several international universities, environmental consulting firms, various aquariums, natural history museums, scientific journals, and magazines. I utilize a wide variety of media, and my specialties include natural science, botany, paleontology, entomology, and aquatic science.

Bioperspective medical and biological illustration, fine art

Beth Croce is an illustrator of medical and biological subjects. Examples of fine art, equine, and biomedical illustration and animation are available here.


Freelance digital and traditional illustration with specialist knowledge in all areas of botany, zoology, paleontology and biology. London, England.

Mandica, Mark

Herpetological, biological, and scientific illustration. Pen and Ink and digital technical rendering for research articles, reviews, text books, and projects. We can accommodate any level of detail and any budget.

Neville's Forensic Art Service

A complete web site dedicated to forensic art.

Schuppert, David E.

My specialty is Natural Science Illustration and includes wildlife. I also specialize in people and have illustrated books. I work in acrylic, airbrush and computer.

Science art in a searchable database. Scientific, medical and nature Illustration. Contact artists directly. Specialities: Animal, Botanical, Geology, Amphibians, Anthropology, Archeology, Astronomy/Space, Birds, Cartography, Dinosaurs, Embryology, Entomology, Fishes, Histology, Invertebrates, Mammals, Marine Life, Paleontology, Physics, Reptiles, Vertebrates, Anatomical, Dental, Human, Microbial, Microscopic, Molecular, Pharmaceutical, Products, Surgical, and more...

Genies: Art for the Biosciences

As both a scientist and an artist, I will help you translate complex information into beautiful, understandable concepts.

Carter, Chuck

photo-real science nature diagrams digital space planets earth information publishing animation