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Whitney, Jane

Informative, Accurate and Attractive Illustrations, On Time

Sakno, Theresa - Medical and 3D Illustrator, is a Toronto studio providing full-service medical, 3D, biological and scientific illustration.

The Science Picture Company

The Science Picture Company specializes in creating stunning science & medical art, illustrations and animations.


BIOVISIONING specializes in producing exceptionally vivid animations and illustrations depicting healthcare products and related technologies.

Laurien, Leslie

Your medical illustrations should be unique. Professional medical illustrator specializing in medical devices, web illustration, logo artwork, and anatomical illustration.

Medical Illustration Source Book

Images from professional illustrators and photographers advertising in the Association of Medical Illustrators Source Book, published by Serbin Communications, Inc.

Johnson, Jeff

Hybrid Medical Animation company

Megan Rojas- Freelance Medical Illustration

Megan Constan, Freelance Medical Illustration - Specializing in surgical and anatomical medical illustration, as well as animation, fine art, and design. also visit:

Artists Art, LLC

Medical illustration and communications for the pharmaceutical, medical-legal and healthcare industries.

Clark Medical Illustration

Clark Medical Illustration's online portfolio contains artwork that accurately communicates complex scientific and medical concepts. Lisa Clark is a member of the AMI (Association of Medical Illustrators) and a CMI (Certified Medical Illustrator).

Craig Luce, Medical Illustrator

Commission custom works by this acclaimed illustrator who worked with Frank Netter MD of Ciba fame.

Foerster Studios

The goal of Foerster Studios is to provide creative content that is visually captivating and scientifically accurate. They strive to help communicate complex ideas to a variety of audiences, from doctors and scientists to children and their parents.


High-End Medical Animation for MOA's, Broadcast, Museums

Gifford, David

Medical art, scientific illustration, figurative artist, childrens illustrator, website design

Highlight Studios

John Daugherty specializes in anatomical and diagnostic illustrations of the human body for the purpose of educating patients and healthcare professionals. His sensitive yet accurate portrayal of medical subjects makes his illustrations highly sought after by industry professionals for medical education and marketing purposes. He is certified by the Board of Certification of Medical Illustrators. Please visit to view John Daugherty's extensive collection of medical images. The Archives section of the website contains a searchable database of stock medical illustrations in various categories, which are available for licensing. Custom illustration services are also available.

Jed Schwartz Productions

Jed Schwartz Productions is a highly versatile animation and visual effects studio specializing in high end 3D medical animation, illustration, and production.


3D Medical Animation Service

Russell Kightley Media

Medical, biological & general illustrations

Gersony Medical Media

Gersony Medical Media, Inc. produces anatomically accurate illustrations and motion graphics for print, CDRom, video and the web.

Geras, Audra

Geras Healthcare Productions specializes in the dramatic and insightful interpretation of science and medicine in digital illustration, 3D modeling and computer animation.

Gramling Medical Illustration

Gramling Medical Illustration is a provider of accurate, informative, and dynamic medical illustrations and animations.

Anatomically Accurate Medical Illustration by Graphic Pulse, Inc.

Scientifically precise, visually stunning, instructively clear medical illustration and animation.

BlochArt, Inc.

The NYC Studio of Joe Bloch, Certified Medical Illustrator. Over 14 years experience. We specialize in medical illustration, flash animation, and interactive design. Clients include Merck, Elsevier Science, McNeil Consumer, Johnson & Johnson, Thieme, Oxford University Press, as well as surgeons and advertising agencies.

Kristen Wienandt, CMI

Chicago-based certified medical illustrator and designer. Online portfolio.

Vallecoccia, Bart

Biomedical and animal illustration for textbook and editorial use.