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The Buzz site includes a large stock collection including works by Ron Chan, Timothy Cook, Jeffrey Pelo, Gordon Studer, Bud Peen, Becky Heavner, Randy Lyhus and Glenn Mitsui

Haus Estudio

We are a graphic artists studio specialized in comics and children´s books illustration. We are 7 artists. Professional and reliable. If you are interested in our work, please contact us. Sincerely, Estudio Haus Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The best source for top Canadian illustrators .


darren booth, dav bordeleau, devon bowman, erin carty, kelly carty, marco cibola, kara fraser, kyle reed, jacqui oakley, dushan milic, vladamir yakobchuk, skodt mcnalty, brian young


ArtX12 is an artist run consortium that allows you to work directly with award winning illustrators. Visit the ArtX12 web portal and find an artist that will suit your needs.

1i5 Studios

1i5 the collective offers a large range of styles, innovative concepts and a one on one relationship with their clients. Artist list includes such talent as Kestin Cornwall, Dustin Jenner, Jon Todd, Gino Mariglia, Arpineh Khachatorians, Yukiko Otsu, Shannon Toth and Melissa Verge

Daisy Art Studio

A cooperative web site featuring work from Debbie Hanley, Jere Smith, and L. Kelly Lyles.

The Monster Illustration Hut.

We're a loose confederation of Illustrators who banded together in 1996 to fight the proliferating scourge of tedious art! adam mccauley, michael wertz, brian biggs, pamela hobbs, susan gross, isabel samaras, marcos sorensen, bud peen, gordon studer, dave gordon, lloyd dangle

Three Steps Left of Normal

Todd Lawson, Elesavet, Jarrett Osborne, Kelly Mclarnon, Rhonda Mulder, Don Sparrow, Peter Goode, Levon Jihanian, Aaron McKinney, Ellyn Lusis, Linda Zacks and Jeremy Pruitt. While discussing the difficulty of promoting unique work to an industry bloated with cliché and repetition, a group of artists, decided they needed more exposure and wanted the opportunity to partake in unique projects. On that day Three Steps Left of Normal was born. An artist run collective of creative individuals based all over North America, who all consider themselves to be a few steps outside of the mainstream realm of commercial and gallery artwork. Featuring 12 award winning, internationl artsits/illustrators from across Canada and the U.S., three steps left represents a new evolution of illustrator collectives...looking to advance the industry beyond it's boarders.

Utah Illustrators

Utah Illustrators is a collaboration of the state's finest illustrators. Only a limited number of potential illustrators are accepted to the site in order to eliminate the need to search through medicore portfolios. Many styles are represented, from realistic to highly-stylized, traditional to bizzare, detailed to graphic. Varied artists suited for editorial art, children's art, posters, advertisements, album covers, promotional art, etc.

The Can

The C.A.N. is a Collaborative Art Novel created by award winning illustrators building the story one page at a time. It also hosts a forum for promoting your work and discussing the profession.

Portland Studios

Portland Studios is a new illustration company specializing advertising art for a variety of clients, primarily in the Southeast. The artists of Portland Studios are young innovators in both traditional and digital mediums.


internetplatform for austrian illustrators

BIG Illustration Group

Jim Carson, Ken Dubrowski, Rob Dunlavey, Richard A. Goldberg, Bonnie Lallky-Seibert, Daniel Vasconcellos, Greg Voth, Carl Wiens, Alan Witschonke

Jupiter Project

Jupiter Project is a collective of professional illustrators based in Vancouver. Artists include Mark "Atomos" Pilon, Mia Hansen, Rod Filbrandt, Doug Fraser, Lori Joy Smith, Bonni Reid, and Luc Latulippe. Our styles span the gamut: digital, painted (gouache, acrylic, watercolor), modern, retro, etc.. Editorial, Fashion, Storyboards, Book Covers, Advertising, and Comics.

Picture Mechanics

Picture Mechanics is a diverse group of illustrators all on a single site. Michael Bartalos, Gary Baseman, Polly Becker, Cathie Bleck, Barry Blitt, Calef Brown, Marc Burckhardt, Greg Clarke, Clayton Brothers, Christian Clayton, Rob Clayton, Tavis Coburn, Richard Downs, Henrik Drescher, Gérard Dubois, Ann Field, Vivienne Flesher, Geoffrey Grahn, Amy Guip, John Hersey, Jody Hewgill, Jason Holley, Tim Hussey, Anita Kunz, Pete Kuper, Greg Mably, Mark Matcho, Adam McCauley, Joel Nakamura, Christian Northeast, Jonathon Rosen, Sergio Ruzzier, Ward Schumaker, Joe Sorren, Gary Taxali, Mark Todd, Mark Ulriksen, Esther Pearl Watson, Eric White, Nicholas Wilton, Noah Woods

21 Illustrators

Seymour Chwast, Lou Brooks, Gary Baseman, Elwood Smith, Bill Mayer, Bob Staake, Randall Enos, David Cowles, Bonnie Timmons, Robert Neubecker, Rodney Alan Greenblat, John Hersey, Anita Kunz, Robert Zimmerman, Gordon Studer, Bryan Leister, Federico Jordan, Michael Doret, Laura Smith and Peter Kuper! 21 hip, hot, hectic and stylistically-diverse illustrators -- just one click away.

Contact Jupiter

Contact Jupiter represents illustrators that specialize in books for kids and adults. Need some work for a cover or the entire book, give us a call.