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Glenwood, Michael

An award winning illustrator brings a fresh vision to illustration, merging his drawing skills and conceptual ingenuity with his interest in classic printmaking forms to create a bold visual style.

Quon, Mike

Symbols, icons for design and marketing Mike Quon, prolific and eclectic illustrator who first popularized the brushstroke style, works in pen and ink and digitally to create vibrant and evocative images for print, editorial, advertising, brand identity, packaging and promotion. Appreciates the power of art, communication through art, art directors, art buyers and anyone else who loves art.

Beaudoin, Rayne

People, Characters, Business, Love, Conceptual, Black & White, Graphic, Cartoon, Fashion, Political, Charcature, Children, Children's Books, Comic, Comic Conceptual, Painterly, Pen and Ink, Storyboards, Wacky, Whimsical, Line and Wash, Food, Comic Humorous.

Evans, Leslie

Art for editorial, advertising and publishing clients. Specializing in linocut prints produced in Leslie's letterpress studio, the Sea Dog Press.


Figurative, free hand representational line and color art

Four Eyes

Rocco Baviera & Colleen O'Hara Whimsical style ideal for kids and grown ups. Graphic Illustration from naive to sophisticated to retro for Editorial, Advertising and Children's Books. Clients include: World Wildlife Fund, Ontario Parks, Wall Street Journal Asia, The Washington Post, M.A.D.D., Manpower Inc., OmniPod, Ketchum Canada, Scholastic Books, Cambridge University Press UK, PixelCanvas NZ and the Grammy Awards. Work delivered Digitally by email, ftp or on disk. KEYWORDS: Teenage Children Lifestyle Magazine Cute Kids Animals Nature Wildlife Funny Humorous Girls Boys Adult Whimsical Retro Modern Contemporary Newspaper Digital Computer Illustrator Photoshop Fashion Design T Shirt Poster Retail Calendar Merchandise Environment Green Vintage Financial Conceptual Concepts Symbolism Cowboy Western Hat Southwest Arizona Desert Cactus Steer Cow Canyon Scrapbooking

Starr, Jim

With over 20 years experience as an Illustrator, Jim has a wide range of styles & skills seen at Jim received his BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in 1982. Today, Jim primarily illustrates electronically, but also continues to work in traditional techniques. �My goal in every assignment is to work closely with the designer/art director to come up with a conceptually strong and well designed illustration." Jim has worked for a wide range of clients needs including logos, icons, package design, editorial, corporate, portraits, event posters, and web graphics. Jim works in many different styles including graphic, scratch board, airbrush, woodcut, pastel, paintings, watercolor, pencil, and pen and ink. His work has been accepted into Print magazine, the Society of Illustrators Annual, and the Washington DC. Illustrators Club Annual Exhibit. Fresh,conceptually strong, well designed digital illustration, specializing in archictectural, comic, comic conceptual, comic humorous, conceptual, digital, multiple styles, pen and ink, realism, science, wacky, whimsical, logos , graphic , scratchboard, pastels, paintings, airbrush, speckled, textured, posters, icons, web, art, editorial, corporate, travel, books, children, education, entertainment, games, gaming, gameboards, comic, humorous, design, industrial, industry, manufacturing, labor, infographics, maps, lifestyle, architectural, impressionistic, line with color, line and color, montage, nature, animals, stipple, silhouette, sports, technology, computers, transportation, vacation, wildlife, historical, retro, traditional, wacky, whimsical, scratch board, digital, llustrator, photoshop, painter, collage, black and white, black & white, watercolor, vector, pencil, oil, acrylic, realistic, realism, photo realism, painterly, packaging, package, financial, money, investments, investing, characters, identity, government, political, cartoon, charts, diagrams, business, food, dining, landscapes, medical, magazine, arts, music, childrens books, display, point of purchase, pop, holidays, partys, identity

Todd, Sue

Sue Todd Illustrations creates artwork for all media. I've worked extensively in juvenile publishing as well as magazine, advertising and design. My art has appeared on book covers and interiors, posters, t-shirts, greeting cards, packaging and a tv commercial. I am a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto and work internationally. My technique is linocut coloured digitally in Photoshop. Keywords: linocut, digital, whimsical, humourous, graphic, children, juvenile, educational, business, corporate, maps, people, men, women, animals, book publishing, folktales, mythology, fables, festivals, carnivals, conceptual

Liogier, Vikki

graphic, digital, figures ,editorial, maps, conceptual, communications, business, computer generated

Haney, Lisa

Scratchboard illustrations, with color or black and white: business, food, all sorts of subjects; clients include the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Fortune. Twenty years experience! Check it out!

Kennickell, Drew

Drew's illustration ranges from the historical to the surreal and includes work for posters, comics, books and book covers. Drew's style is versatile, with vivid color and dynamic lines. He makes use of various traditional media, such as ink, acrylic paint and watercolor, as well as digital media.

Williams, Simon

graphic, realistic, figures, landscapes, products, digital, graphic, contemporary, digital airbrush, packaging

Stahl, Nancy

Digital paintings that defy the medium.

Elgie, Colin

digital, graphic, icons, flat colour, conceptual, communications, people, animals, stylized, design

Dethman, Morgan

Maps, educational and science illustrations. Fun and colorful characters, poster illustrations. Watercolor, pen, ink and black and white line art.

Etheridge, John

Traditional and digital scratchboard and woodcut illustration • Line, pen and ink • Black and white (B&W) or full color • Specializing in: packaging and product, food and beverage, people and portraits, landscapes and nature, business and technical • Icons, logos / identity, corporate, annual reports, editorial, publishing; advertising illustration • Conceptual and realism / representational.


Graphic comic book illustrations done with pen and ink, then converted to digital vector for print & web. Images include people, children, editorial, posters, retro, humorous, cartoon characters, entertainment, sci-fi, fantasy, and technical info-graphics. influenced by pop surrealism.

Murphy, Tim

Fun, graphic, stylized illustrations useful in many applications, including sports art, children's books, editorial, advertising, promotional and publishing. Over 8 years experience as a professional illustrator, all files are provided in digital format, CRA (no scanning fees for you) and ready for separation. Visit my website to learn more.

Vincent, Matt

mixed media: pencil and digital color combine to create a line color style ideal for concepts in editorial, books, advertising, design, and marketing. Subject matter range from people, youth, pop culture, music, celebrities, to religion, politics, and sports to name a few.

Schmidt, Heidi

Food, landscapes, figures, animals and products for advertising and publications.

AT Rock

graphic lettering fashion textiles patterns clothing bold cool design

Russ Cox

Logos & identities, web design, and illustration.

Dave Taylor - Illustrator

Dave’s strength is a combination of creativity and technical ability, providing expertise in a range of styles. This flexibility has provided his clients with a unique resource for their ongoing illustration needs. Dave’s work originates in both traditional media and on the computer, with all eventually becoming digital, enabling quick review of projects via e-mail. Clear communication, meeting deadlines and responsiveness to art direction has earned Dave a loyal client base and ensure each projects success.

O'Hara, Colleen

Fun, stylized, graphic illustrations in a style that ranges from retro to contemporary, whimsical and sophisticated. Clients include Virgin Mobile, Modern Bride, Conde Naste Traveller, Quirk Books, Toyota, IBM, Thermasilk, Purell, Maxon Furniture, Scholastic, EK Success, Up With Paper, Bell XpressVu, 3M,The Grammy Awards and Fifty Plus Magazine. Featuring people, style and fashion, interiors, furniture, business and office, computer, spot, corporate, education, food, restaurant, cafe, jazz, coffee, cocktails, book, leisure, design, portraits, children's books, advertising, brochures, editorial, greeting cards, packaging, posters, publications, websites, merchandising, retail, concept, toys, car, airplane, airport, stickers, stationery, vacation, family, retro, vehicle, scrapbooking, nostalgia, maps, road trip, decorative, monkeys, wallpaper, cards, bananas, fruit, giftwrap, children's room, patterns, sightseeing, travel, architecture, christmas, holiday, festive, snowman, scarf, hat

Chatham, Travis

Conceptual line drawings smacked by a touch of rendering.

Rosenwald, Laurie

illustration, graphic design, collage, typography, portraits, lettering, humor. posters, book jackets, annual reports. no job too big, no job too small, no job too medium.

Lola & Rosanas

Smart & Wit Illustration. People, Humour, Advertising, Business.

david broadbent

illustrations for editorial, design, publishing, advertising, greetings cards, childrens books, web illustrations,animations, paintings, stylized, paint, drawings, pen, colour, unusual style

Robert Brunz

Commercial illustrator with colorful style which ranges from classic "New World" to graphics.

Mussche, Leon

Leon Mussche (29) has been working as an independent illustrator since 2003. He graduated at the Academy of Arts in Breda, the Netherlands in 2001, after which he gained more experience working for a communications agency. He now works for a variety of clients the world over, and is based in Amsterdam and Oslo. His main field of work is in editorial illustration, and his work can be found in newspapers as well as corporate- and public magazines. Besides editorial work he has also provided services to advertising agencies, pharmaceutical- airline- and other companies in different countries. Leon Mussche (28) has been working as an independent illustrator since 2003. He graduated at the Academy of Arts in Breda, the Netherlands in 2001, after which he gained more experience working for a communications agency. He now works for a variety of clients the world over, and is based in Amsterdam and Oslo. His main field of work is in editorial illustration, and his work can be found in newspapers as well as corporate- and public magazines. Besides editorial work he has also provided services to advertising agencies, pharmaceutical- airline- and other companies in different countries. Feel free to contact Leon for any questions you may have.

Yatsuk Igor

Conceptual graphic illustrations created for various magazines..

Ebert, Andrea

Imaginative conceptual images for advertising combining paintings, patterns and graphic forms. Online portfolio and stock search with over 500 stock images. Digital. Contemporary. Fresh and fun. Illustration for Publishing, Advertising, Editorial and Institutional clients. Colorful, painterly approach to illustration. More on

Bennett, Brandon

Whimsical stylized, graphic illustrations featuring animals (animal, bird, dog, cat, horse), automobile (car, auto), art (figurative, landscape, nature, portrait), business (office life, computer, money, corporate, finance), education, fashion, food (restaurant, cafe, coffee, martini), fun (humorous). Other subjects include health, holiday (Christmas, Thanksgiving) leisure, music (guitar, jazz, rock, sax), people (children, teenager, man, woman, family, romantic couple), real estate (house, home, building, garden, park, tree), retro, sports (baseball, fishing, jogging, sailing), travel. Digital vector illustrations for children's books, advertising, books, brochures, editorial, greeting cards, packaging, posters, publications, websites. Comfortable with tight deadlines.

Jeremy Tankard Illustration

Fun, sometimes cute but with an edge. Editorial, advertising, comics, children's books, counter-culture, pop culture, album covers, etc. The drawings have a broad appeal.

Antar Dayal


Hanusek, Nicole

Nicole Hanusek was born in Bedford, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, and lives in San Francisco, California. She earned her BFA in Illustration with a minor in Graphic Design from the Cleveland Institute of Art. It all began in the 7th grade when Nicole drew the Little Mermaid, she got hooked on drawing. From then on she knew she wanted to be an artist. Nicole's primary medium is watercolor and secondary medium is digital or vector art. She typically works in bold, vibrant colors. Her subject matter ranges from animals to fantasy creatures, such as fairies, dragons and mermaids. She also focuses on subject matter for children and children's books. She has done artwork for: advertisements, children's books, invitations, logos, magazines, posters, postcards, presentations, t-shirts, and web sites.

Sawsan Chalabi

Impressionism; Fauvism; Symbolism; Conceptual; Acrylic;

Linley, Michael

I do a variety of traditional and electronic illustration styles with flair!

Lin, Leo

Graphic art, illustration, Fashion, Game character design, comic colorist,

Barnes Murphy,Rowan

Starlet, LA Times A Portfolio of conceptual, humourous whimsical and original Illustrations delivered digitally to clients worldwide

Jones, Tobias

graphic cartoon posters quirky comic futuristic loose humor lettering advertising editorial music

Brown, Phil

Phil Brown provides strong, punchy images to illustrate and complement a variety of situations. Used to working to tight deadlines or on longer projects, Phil's work is always on the nail graphically and conceptually.
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