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Kari Modén Illustration

Swedish based illustrator Kari Modén makes strong colourful modern illustrations for both editorial and advertising clients. Kari Modén is featured in Die Gestalten Illusive 1 and 2, and in the ”Crackpot Calendar 2006 and 2007”. She also contributes in The Big Book of Fashion 2007 (Anova Books). Client list: Congstar, Germany Fenchurch, UK Dogs Magazine, Germany Boots Health & Beauty Magazine/UK Elle/UK The Guardian Weekend Magazine/UK Ikea/Sweden Jack Magazine/UK Jack & Jones Magazine/Denmark New York Times Magazine/USA Sokos Store/Finland Studio Magazine/France Vero Moda Magazine/Denmark Vouge Living & Enternaiment/Australia LÓfficel Voyage/France Wallpaper/UK

Engelworld Illustration

Natascha Engelmann is a freelance illustrator since '96. Today she's living and working in Berlin and New York City. Her figures elegantly and glamourosly concrete, as subtly at the same time- are characterized by natural grace and childlike naivety. Her digital sketches are like surreal snapshots of a nevertheless clearly outlined everyday world. Natascha's pictures, which it formulates with traditional and technical computer sign methods for an unmistakable handwriting, remind of Japanese woodcuts and Art Nouveau. Recent publications: '200 Best worldwide'by Luerzer's Archive 2006; Poster and DVD cover for the CinemaMovie 'I Hate You', NYC 2005, signed with Maxim Media International's label Brain Damage Films for worldwide distribution; WORKBOOK/ NYC 2005; Interview in 'TRENDSETTER Magazine' Istanbul/ #MAY 2005; LeBOOK/ NYC / London 2004; Best of Illustration, 2004;'Cutting edge of Fashionillustration, Author Martin Dawber, foreword by Jasper Conran, published by Mithell Beazley 2004/ London. Publications in advance: 'All Allure'/ Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin 2007; BIG BOOK of Fashion Illustration, United Kingdom Some of her clients: ALLEGRA; GLAMOUR Germany; GLAMOUR U.K.; GLAMOUR Russia; ADVANCESTAR USA; WELLFIT; JOY; SHAPE; GEO Saison; Wellfit; Freundin; Young Woman, 'Maedchen', INSTYLE; SELF Magazine, Condenast USA, Mercedes Benz; Renault; NIVEA; Goldwell; FILA; Loreal, KAUFHOF-Gruppe; Telekom; CITI Bank, SONY; MTV; VIVA; RTL, Covergirl.. To view more, please click:

Elena, Arturo

Spanish fashion illustrator

Asher, Katharine

fashion retail faces glamour clothing cosmetics advertising figurative editorial advertising women beauty

Pfendler, David

Fresh graphic lifestyle illustration with a fashion bent, well-suited for editorial and advertising. Images are created digitally, yet maintain a loose, "handdrawn" feel. Client list: Levi Strauss, Johnnie Walker, Flaunt magazine, Rolex, Axe, Abercrombie and Fitch

The Art of William Hammock

The amazing work of fantasy artist William Hammock

Wilson, Donna

painted and drawn textures in decorative shapes and patterns. fashion, textiles, packaging, cards, books, editorial— visit my other sites to purchase or license images: or

Newman, Vicky

Vicky Newman is a freelance illustrator specializing in contemporary fashion and advertising illustrations. Her work is a mix of hand drawn line work and digital color. To see more of her work please visit

Elesavet Triantafillou

Socially conscientious, colourful and warm illustration for advertising, design, corporate, editorial and publishing. Commercially viable artwork designed with a graphic finesse. Partial client list includes Ireland and Associates, Registered Nurse Journal, American Baby Magazine, Joseph's Coiffures, Nuvo magazine, Benefit's Canada Magazine and The National Law Journal.
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