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Jones, Doug

Humorous illustration for children, youth, and adult publications, books, magazines, and advertising

Smith, Elwood H.

Top-notch humorous illustration!

Murphy, Chris

humorous, cartoon, children, animals, fun, caricature, people, conceptual and flat out silly


Humorous illustration for editorial, advertising and children's books.

Foster, Travis

Illustration for advertising, editorial and publishing industries. magazines, packaging, children, animation, childrens book, humorous, graphic, whimsical,web, video or electronic medium.

Condrick, Maura

These contemporary, expressive characters, caricatures and icons are illustrated digitally. Maura draws for magazines, advertising agencies, newspares, design shops and children's books. Her work has been recognized by American Illustration.

Sharp, Paul

Humorous illustrations for children and adults children's books, games, and magazines. Gag cartoons humor whimsical wacky animals. educational, early grades, interactive games, Caricatures,package design, Humorous, Comic, Whimsical, 3-D, Digital, Illustration,Character development, Ideal for Editorial, Advertising, Children's books, Animation, Toys, Games, magazine, cover, educational,kids, animals

Barr, Loel

Traditional and digital illustration, ranging from humorous to photorealistic and conceptual.

Zettler, Andrew

Humorous illustration, animation, cartoons, and digitally-designed art for publishing, advertising, web, children's books, packaging, greeting cards, and anywhere else you'd like to express an idea!

M.e. Cohen is the home of Humorous Illustrator and Political Cartoonist M.e. Cohen. Your message isn't off the shelf why should your image be. Unique concepts and rapid turnaround make perfect for dailies and weeklies. A new political cartoon everyday and a vast archive of illustration samples.

Early, John Paul

digital, humor, characters, fun, graphic, childrens books, comic, people, animation, loose, portraits, caricatures, editorial, political, publishing, packaging, greetings cards

Laughing Redhead Studio, Inc.

Humorous and POP Art illustrations, fine art, decorative, collages, cartoons, and comedy writing of and for women, for Books, Graphic Novels, Greeting Cards and Social Expression Industry products.

Jolliffe, Gray

cartoon, characters, advertising, books, cards, creator of Wicked Willie, wacky, humor, fun, pen and wash

Cabib, Leila

humorous illustrations and topical cartoons

Walker, Sholto

Humor, cartoon, caricatures, childrens books, editorial advertising, digital, line and color, fun, wacky, pen and ink, people, children, animals, publishing

Bob Staake

Humorous illustration, cartoon art and digitally-designed graphics for a deadline-intense planet

Ellis, Pete

Pete Ellis is an established illustrator working from London for many clients in both the UK and abroad humorous, figurative, conceptual, computer generated, line and color, black & white, digital, comic humorous,alternative, cartoons for editorial and publishing. London based

Arnold, Michael

Cartoon Art, Humorous Illustration, Character Design and Storyboards

Smith, Andy J.

I specialize in humorous illustration for editorial as well as the children's publishing. I'm currently writing and illustrating a series of children's books for Stone Arch Books called Jeremy Kreep. Also in the works are another series of of books for ZonderKidz which I am illustrating! Also busy with greeting card work!

Hansen, Mia

Portfolio of Vancouver illustrator Mia Hansen. Plus comics, e-cards, t-shirts, dolls and more..

Storms, Patricia

Cartoonist who specializes in Humorous Illustration, Gag Cartoons, Greeting Card Design, Children's Illustration, Caricatures and Character Design. Clients include: American Greetings, Scholastic Canada, Harcourt Canada, Reader's Digest, Woman's World magazine, The Funny Times, Stitches magazine, Northern Cards, Dogs in Canada magazine.


Hand Crafted Digital Illustration. Humorous illustration, cartoons and caricatures for the Web and editorial publications. Everything from children's magazines to the extreme and bizarre. CD covers are a specialty here at!

Hallatt, Alex is a portfolio of cartoon illustration and animation by UK and NZ cartoonist Alex Hallatt. Alex is the author and illustrator of several humor and children's books and provides cartoons for magazines, newspapers and the web. Her newest project is, a tongue-in-cheek way to make the planet a better place.

Fian Arroyo Illustration, Inc.

20 years of award-winning humorous illustration. Digitally creating styles from airbrush and mixed media to line with color. Specializing in creating fun and conceptual art for lifestyle and business magazines as well as for the advertising and publishing markets.

Hovland, Gary

Humorous illustration, caricatures, pen and ink illustration, map illustration, whimsical illustration Humorous,conceptual illustration

Ryan Dunlavey

Illustration, graphics, animation and comic book art for editorial and product design. Emphasis on humor, satire and pop culture. Energetic, clean, colorful and accessible style.

Thomas Bros. Cartoon and Illustration

Need a cartoon, illustration or logo for your website or publication? Top cartoonists Bill and Bob Thomas will slap a custom Thomastoon on everything from clipart to coffeemugs. Fast and affordable.

Kennedy, Scott

People,characters,conceptual,graphic,retro,loose,quirky,humorous,editorial,packaging,advertising,book covers,posters,web.

Roda, Bot

Variety of humorous illustration styles for editorial, advertising and corporate use. Comps & storyboards in record time.

Corne Illustrations and cartoons

illustrations, cartoons and comic strips by Corne, the cartoonist that do the back-cover of Cracked magazine.

Shovel, Martin

I'm a successful British cartoon illustrator. My work is produced digitally and supplied to clients by email.

Jeff Cline Humorous Illustration

Humorous illustration, sight gags, and character design for editorial, advertising, and corporate publications.

Mark Woods Cartoon World

Online portfolio of UK cartoonist and illustrator published internationally. With details on how to commission.

Hill, Tracy

Humorous Illustration and Flash animation

Titus, Dave

My art has always been about communicating. I just don't make much verbal sense so I draw, and how I feel comes out in my work. It's all commercially driven these days but my client base has developed around my passion and the path my life has taken. The fact that I live in a remote location in the Sierra Nevada Mountains has not hindered my progress as an illustrator even though I paint all my illustrations digitally. I spend a lot of time with kids, both my own and coaching others in sports, and my work definitely reflects that ever-growing relationship. I'm still a kid at heart and I want people to see what I've done so I find myself yelling "Hey, look at me!!" as I run around in circles waving my hands and laughing.

Vasconcellos, Daniel

Subtle situational humor with expressive people/animals (including caricature) rendered in pen, ink and watercolor.

Fujisaki, Tuko

Tuko has years of experience illustrating for various clients from humorous editorial work to fun advertisements, graphics, children's books and educational material.

King, Travis

whimsical, colorful, images perfect for children's books, editorial, advertisting, and greeting cards. sophisticated, conceptual humor beautifully rendered in acrylic and mixed media.

Miss Ewe Illustrations

Miss Ewe Illustrations was established in 1999 as my creative studio in Fairfield County, CT. I create engaging illustrations. My illustrations have been used for corporate invitations, holiday cards, business cards, websites, vinyl banners and more!


Contemporary, humorous, stylish, digital images for books, editorial, posters, advertising, packaging. Award winning illustrator, designer and typographer. Experienced, professional, good at producing fast, fun, high quality work to tight deadlines. Children, children's books, colorful, fun, animals, people, narrative, stylized, multi-media, humour, wacky, alternative.


Mark Anderson's cartoons and humorous illustrations appear regularly in Reader's Digest, Good Housekeeping and Harvard Business Review to name a few. His website offers over 1000 examples.

Greenhead, Bill

cartoon, humor, wacky, people, characters, portraits, expressions, animals, children, childrens books, editorial, conceptual, digital, computer generated, graphic, fun, animation

Dennis Jones

Popular humorous illustrator Dennis Jones' quirky home page.
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