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Robson, Matthew

animation, digital, contemporary, fun, humor, characters, people, lifestyle, situations, cartoon, books, publishing, educational, TV

Mark Oliver

Animated fun, conceptual, narrative, humerous illustration

Rubalcava, Tom

This is an online gallery showcasing an array of work that Tom has produced in the entertainment and animation industry, including character and concept design, storyboarding and sculpture.

OTWIC Animations, Illustrations and Cartoons

The online-portfolio of freelance artist and Flash-specialist Othmar Wicke incl. free and original e-Cards, online-games, screensavers and much, much more ...

Bailey, Tony

Flash animations, design

Point Blank Studios Inc.

Cartooning, character design and animation

Comet, Michael

3D character animation, tutorials, modeling and IK setup guides.

ian christy

This site is a core sampling of the art, design and writing produced by Ian Christy and his pals.

Shefelman, Dan

Currently creating a political cartoon for -- I specialize in political cartoons, animation design and directing. My cartoon called "Red and Blue" can be seen here:

LordCheez Character Design, Illustration and Animation

Character Design, Animation, Illustration for broadcast, print, and multimedia. Incorporates a distinct flavor and style to everything he touches.

Valley, Robert

Animation ,Comics + Designs

Sias, Ryan

See my art for Bowling for Columbine, read my comics, see my art, and buy my t-shirts & handmade dolls!

Casarosa, Enrico

Illustrator/Storyboard Artist, recently worked on the film ICE AGE (20th century Fox), currently employed at Pixar Animation Studios. The site is comprised of 2 sections, a Portfolio and Sketchbook. They contain: Figure drawing, Animation Design,Storyboards, Comicbook work (Mia1931), and more !

Chuck Lee

Anime Style Illustration & 3D models

Plympton, Bill

Great animator often seen at animation festivals or used in commercials.

Darrel Bowen Media Design Services

Darrel Bowen M.D.S. specializes in character, prop, and environmental designs for pre-production television animation and surrounding multi-media including internet, video, publishing, interactive gaming and toys.

Escott, Joe

Illustration, Character Design and Animation by UK artist Joe Escott

Animation & Illustration by Francis daCosta

A collection of flash animations, both humorous and corporate in nature, as well as children's book illustrations and character designs. p.s. this gun is for hire.

Kiernan, Kenny

Cartoon illustration and killer Flash animation! Advertising, editorial and pharmaceuticals, character design, sexy chicks, toy and game packaging, comic books, computer games, t-shirts, stickers - all that fun stuff, for kids AND adults, in vector format! I'm usually going for a slick-but-funky urban style in my work, but I also enjoy doing the really cool retro and classic comic book and anime styles, and I'll do pinup babes and mimic other recognizable looks occasionally as displayed on my site, For Flash animation projects, I'm a self-contained, one-man multimedia studio, and can handle all aspects of a given job from start to finish. Unless otherwise provided by the client, I do all my own music and audio production, using a combination of live instrumental tracks, audio loops, sound effects, and recorded dialogue - a one-man multimedia powerhouse!

Chiapperino, David

Aritst with a strong background in 3D illustration and character animation. Worked on over 12 game titles and several childrens videos.

Cartoon Solutions

Cartoon Animation and Illustration

Jorge Gutierrez, Super Macho

Illustration & Animation Design by Jorge R. Gutierrez. Clients include Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, WEA, Disney and Film Roman.

Palomares, Franz

Cartoon and Comic animations and illustrations.

Purple Sneakers Studios

Cutting edge illustration, wacky character design, and top-notch Flash animation.

Baker, Jamie

Character design and storyboards done for animation and comics.

Barber, Brian

Illustrator and animator working in editorial, advertising and children's books.

Pixeltoon Animation and Design

Sublime Animation work in Flash and After Effects for broadcast and web.